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Release Date: April 12th 2012

It's here at last!  oi_151a_prestable2 AKA oi_151a3 is the third update since OpenIndiana 151a was released in September and the first since then to be available as freshly pressed ISOs.

The list of changes is shown below with the notable item being the pkg backport from the 2010.2H upstream branch.

  • illumos fixes and bumps
    • update illumos to 022f1af9e21c
    • #2098 Fix home directory permissions
    • #1530 Obsolete Perl584
  • pkg fixes and bumps
    • Update pkg to 2010.2H branch
    • Fix branding - partial
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • libxml2 fix for CVE-2012-0841
    • Fix manifest Vendor branding
    • Bump meld to 1.4.0
    • Fix hashbang
    • Fix mutt crash
  • distro-import
    • Fix previous version bumps
    • #1632 meld doesn't work ootb
    • #2174 Fix postgres-84/library dependency
  • Caiman
    • #1628 Distro-Const repo fixes
  • xnv fixes
    • Bump freetype to 2.4.9
    • Bump dejavu fonts to 2.33
  • oi-build
    • #2446 Bump NVIDIA driver to 295.33
    • Bump KVM and qemu with estibi's patch
    • #2230 Bump pkgbuild to 1.3.104
    • Add IPS dependencies removed from IPS

Eratta: Realised after making ISOs that the publisher is still sticky.  Will see if this is easily fixable or just drop in the next ISO respin.

You can get ISOs, the full repo or just pkg update from a previous version (But not from b134 which will be fixed in the next release).

Note that the prestable builds are now being pushed to - if you have the /prestable repo set ( please run this command to switch back to /dev:

pkg set-publisher -g -G


Enjoy, JT

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  1. Following bugs reported during installation of OI151a3:

    Installation Failed

    Openindiana installation did not complete normally

    Openindiana installation log

    Failure Returning ICT_PKG_RESET_UID_FAILED

    1 Out of 30 total python ICT, finished with errors

    Install finish reported failure.

    reboot button was not highlighted and could not be selected.

    I tried the above installation on my PIV 2.g Ghz PC having 2.0 gb ram and in which earlier i had successfully installed OI 151a, OI151a2.

    I tried to install twice, but with the same result.

    This bug submitted as per your requirement.

    I have downloaded the ISO from the website only. No mirrors.

    Kindly suggest and comment please





    Landline: 91-22-25899889

    Mobile: 09820189912




  2. How close are we to SPARC release, so there will be an alternative on legacy UltraSPARC (and hopefully newer) platforms?

    Looking for the next Red Hat for the Telco & Managed Services Industries - under SPARC.