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Release Date: May 4th 2012

oi_151a_prestable3 AKA oi_151a4 is a smaller bug and security fix release.

The list of changes is shown below with the notable item being the OpenSSL bump to the latest 0.9.8.  The notable fixes are to the manifests that have been blocking updates so if you've been having issues pkg \[image-\]update then please try updating to this release and report any new failure modes.

  • illumos fixes and bumps
    • update illumos to 13676:98ca40df9171
    • Fix broken ws
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • Bump OpenSSL to 0.9.8w (security)
    • Bump Samba to 3.5.7 and apply CVE patches (#2611) (security)
    • Bump Wireshark to 1.4.12 (security)
    • Make hg use Python 2.6
  • distro-import
    • Various version bumps
    • #1424 Upgrading from 2010.05 (134b) fails
  • oi-build
    • #2446 Bump NVIDIA driver to 295.40 (security)
    • Fix pkg update bug introduced with the pkg backport in oi_151a3
      • #2629 oi_148 image-update fails

As always bang on it and report issues on

You can get the full repo or just pkg update from a previous version.

Enjoy, JT

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  1. John,

    A very minor "nit", for your next assembly, when I 'cat /etc/release' it says "Assembled 22 April 2012", 

    # cat /etc/release

    OpenIndiana Development oi_151.1.4 X86 (powered by illumos)
    Copyright 2011 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    Use is subject to license terms.
    Assembled 22 April 2012

    but I think the packages and illumos-gate were assembled yesterday on May 3, 2012, e.g.:

    # pkg info SUNWcs

    Name: SUNWcs
    Summary: Core Solaris
    Description: core software for a specific instruction-set architecture
    Category: System/Core
    State: Installed
    Version: 0.5.11
    Build Release: 5.11
    Packaging Date: May 3, 2012 05:37:37 AM
    Size: 29.20 MB
    FMRI: pkg://,5.11-

    1. Is the Live DVD ISO based on this oi151a_prestable3, or just the original oi151a ?

      1. You can try to discern by dates on ISO/USB files. I've seen (but not tested) ISOs based on oi151a_prestable2 (oi_151a3), and those ISOs promoted on the download site are original oi_151a as it seems. I haven't seen ISOs of oi_151a4 (nor of other sub-releases), and if the monthly preview release tendency stays, in a few days there should be an "a5" already (wink)

        1. So far, I did not see any date on the ISO link until you download the file.

          We could save quite amount of bandwidth if this information is provided, reducing unnecessary download when the release we seek is not the aforementioned ISO.

          BTW Jim, I occasionally sent one or two questions to OI Discussion list (, in a hope that someone answer my question.

          But so far, none of my questions pass through the mailing list. There are so many I'd like to ask (smile)

          1. Umm... I usually look for the downloadable ISOs in the directory listing under and that shows the file dates (wink) I guess you could also sniff your download program's request and that should provide the date headers.

            Optionally, where MD5/SHA checksums are available, you can compare those to the files your already have (and hope they are updated in sync on the source server).

            As for the mailing list, did you subscribe and receive the message with link to activate your subscription?


            1. For Mailing List, I haven't, and I just did.

              Thanks for the /isos/

              I should check the parent directory instead of jumping to the live ISO


              1. Hi to all the devotees of Openindiana. I am one of them. However, I am confused as to how I can contribute??

                Well basically, I am a computer enhusiastic person. Though I am from Pharmaceutical and Life science  background.

                But I developed a passion for Operating Systems and while trying various distros on my PIV, I came across the Opensolaris on the web. In order to try this I ordered the free Opensolaris CD from Sun Microsystems and they sent me the CD in the month of March 2010. The moment I tried the live CD, I fell in love of Opensolaris.

                Then There was bad news of Opensolaris being closed down by Oracle due to Sun's acquisitions.

                However, OI gave the great boost to Opensolaris. Initially I was skeptical about it.

                I even successfully upgraded my Opensolaris 111 to Opensolaris 134 anad finally i upgraded to Oi 148. Then gradually I have removed the Opensolaris and installed Openindiana.

                Could someone guide me as to how I can contribute??

                I am very grateful to Illumos team and OI  team. and Wish them great success for upcoming stable Release that is Foreveware. However, could we have better name for the stable distro.


                Thanks for giving me an apportunity to express my feelings and views.


                1. > Could someone guide me as to how I can contribute??

                  Well, basically you can start by finding things to do - i.e.stuff that is inconvenient to you, or seems like a bug, or some feature that is missing and you'd like it done (however, unless the existing community agrees that this is a must-have feature or fix, so that someone takes to implement it, you'd likely have to develop the solution yourself).

                  Then you search the bug-tracker to see if the problem has been reported, and if not - report it and/or discuss on appropriate Mailing Lists (there are quite a few).

                  Alternately, you can start out by looking in the bug tracker for "bite-size" or otherwise simple-looking bugs (i.e. manpage updates, etc.), to train your hand by fixing them and get a taste of the process.

                  Then you set up a development environment as in How to Build Illumos, and try to build the original OS sources (illumos-gate) or the OI userland programs (illumos-userland). When that works, you can try to implement the bug-fix and discuss the results on the mailing list, as in Contribution Process and How to Contribute. See also: Building illumos and OpenIndiana and Cookbook recipe - 10 steps to building ON on OpenIndiana. I hope some of the referred pages would help (wink)

                  Good luck, thanks for getting involved!
                  //Jim Klimov