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Release Date: July 2nd 2012

oi_151a_prestable5 AKA oi_151a5 is a bug and security fix release.  Yes, that says prestable5, having the prestable number different from the a* number needlessly confused people so hopefully we're all clear now.

This is an ISO release.

This release includes the async zfs destroy feature from illumos that comes with a new zpool version.
Remember upgrading a zpool is a non-reversable command and any zpools you upgrade may not be readable with previous versions of OI, including other BEs on the same system.
The ZFS feature flags concept is documented here: In this context the "zpool version" becomes a legacy concept, and the number is set to 5000 on existing pools during a "zpool upgrade" run.

The list of OI changes is shown below.  There's a bump to the kvm stuff - could people test that and see if it fixes any of the issues with non-booting VMs please.

  • Bump illumos to 13740:836bfdf31fc4
    • #752 add default iscsi ports to /etc/inet/services
    • Export _mdb_ks_pageoffset
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • libxml2 CVE-2011-3102
    • libxslt CVE-2011-1202
    • lighttpd CVE-2011-4362
    • sudo CVE-2012-2337
    • wget CVE-2010-2252
    • Bump a2ps to 4.14
      • #1422 a2ps has some vulnerabilities
    • Bump BIND to 9.6-ESV-R7-P1
    • Bump git to
    • Bump lftp to 4.0.10
    • Bump links to 1.03
    • Bump OpenLDAP to 2.4.31
    • Bump OpenSSL to 0.9.8x
    • #2813 upgrade rsync-3.0.6 to rsync-3.0.9
    • Bump Wireshark to 1.4.13
    • Remove antlr2 python-24 dep
    • Remove grails python-24 dep
    • Remove hal-cups-utils python-24 dep
    • Remove pywbem python-24 dep
    • Remove rdiff-backup python-24 dep
    • #1206 link libreadline with the new libtermcap (filter) library
  • pkg fixes
    • Fix search.shtml
    • Generalise release notes URL (#427)
  • Caiman fixes
    • Fix pkgdepend resolution
    • Fix preferred publisher install error
    • Fix SPARC build
    • Fix install-incorporation dependency creation
    • #2805 Invalid category name for gui-install
    • Fix boot_archive_configure mkdir (#1207)
  • oi-build fixes and bumps
    • Bump KVM driver and qemu-kvm
    • Add illumos-patched GCC 4.4.4
    • Bump NVIDIA driver to 295.59 (#2838)
    • Bump NVIDIA driver to 295.49 (previously released into the oi_151a4 repo)
    • Fix python library dependencies (previously released into the oi_151a4 repo)
  • xnv fixes
    • Fix CVE-2011-2895 in libXfont
    • Fix pkgdepend resolution

Eratta: I realised that with oi_151a4 the version reported by the slang package got bumped by mistake to 2.2.4 - the actual content is still 2.2.2.  Fixing the reporting will just confuse the situation even more and break stuff so it'll stay that way until it actually gets bumped in a future prestable.

As always please bang on it and report issues on

You can get the full repo, ISOs or just pkg update from a previous version.

Enjoy, JT

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  1. The ISO link e.g. the 151a5 subdir is empty when should we expect ISO images ?   An ISO for recovery purposes is important especially since there is a new new zpool version bump.

    1. Hit Ctrl+F5 until you hit a decent mirror.  They're there. Both and seem to have them.

      1. Thanks Jon the IP addresses (above) were good for me and work just fine.

        Note, IE 9, Google Chrome (20.0.1132.47 m), both stay on when I hit Ctrl+F5 is this a Mozilla and/or Firefox thing ?  Hmm, digging around a bit I think my issue (finding an empty oi_151a5 dir) is happening I like to goto and browse around prior to downloading rather than "trusting" the "current" top level links at 

  2. Given that this is the first version of OpenIndiana with Illumos' ZFS feature flags evident, I think it would be a good idea to add a note describing this in these release notes; otherwise, there is going to be confusion. You get a message from "zpool status" that the pool needs updating but it doesn't look like it when you list the versions available. You update it and you get an undocumented version (5000). It isn't clear from this how to find feature flags (zpool get all) or how to manage them. There is a slide presentation in one of the messages in the discussion mail list which could be referenced but personally I think a short, concise description clarifying the points which might cause confusion would be better.


  3. The link to the zfs feature flags document seems broken...

    1. A click on the URL above opens it for me in both FF and MSIE, though it takes a few seconds. Maybe a few hours ago that server had some downtime, or your ISP's connection to their ISP was (is) intermittent?

      In short: I can't reproduce the problem; this link currently works for me (wink)

      1. I think it was a dns problem somewhere. Works fine now, thanks. 

  4. Some SFE utilities are broken (, but that is expected to be fixed soon:

    "There is ongoing rebuild of OI SFE and later for OI SFE encumbered. The safest way for now is disable OI SFE repo during pkg update."