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Release Date: October 6th, 2012

oi_151a_prestable7 AKA oi_151a7 is a bug and security fix release.  This is an ISO release.

Notable in this release is the 32-bit fix.  Complete list of changes is below...

  • Bump illumos to 13815:61cf2631639d
    • 32-bit poll fix
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • Bump apache to 2.2.23
    • Bump BIND to 9.6-ESV-R7-P3
    • Bump fetchmail to 6.3.22
    • Bump memcached to 1.4.15
    • Fix SoX
  • oi-build bump NVIDIA driver to 295.75
  • DI and DC fixes
    • Fix typo in openindiana-backgrounds-extra which was affecting updating from previous releases

libxslt was taking too long to sort out work through some compiling issues so that will be updated in the next release - the 32bit fix was more important to get out.  Wireshark have also released updates but seem to have stopped releasing 1.4 versions so the next release will get 1.6 or 1.8.

I've had reports that #2626 is fixed with the KVM in a6 which is the same in a7 so if you were affected by that please test with the a7 KVM and let us know if that is indeed the case.

There have been a lot of fixes and changes in the last few releases so it would help if people could confirm bugs they've reported to see if they're fixed or still apply to a7 and, as always, please bang on it and report new issues on

You can get the full repo, ISOs or just pkg update from a previous version.

Enjoy, JT

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  1. Hi Jon,

    Is this release

    Bump illumos to 13815:61cf2631639d

    • 32-bit poll fix

    Means that this release is the 32 bit version, or, there is a fix on the 32-bit poll, which ( its 64 bit poll ) is not affected at all and this release can run kernel in 64 bit ?



    1. This release is the usual 32 and 64 bit in one with the bitness autodetected on boot.  The fix was for 32bit that broke in a6 - 64bit was unaffected.

  2. Thanks OI team. I tried to upgrade OIa5 to OIa6 but failed to log in through gnome.

    OI151a7 has smoothly installed on my 32 bit PIV and only I had to reinstall everything from scratch.

    Any way but I think this problem will not reappear again in future.

    We should not forget that Open Office is in apache incubator and Adobe libflashplayer. so has no further updates. Firefox has also stopped support for

    Solaris. Why is this so? What went wrong??

    Well, Apache foundation is also not working to develop Open Office for Solaris 11 express.

    Hence there are such many grey areas such as non-availability of good movie player too.




    1. Ajit - Nothing wrong. Apache OpenOffice is being built and packaged by a third party ISV for Solaris SPARC/x86. Firefox 16/17b1, currently the latest builds, has packages for both Solaris SPARC/x86. Adobe is not doing Flash for a few platforms, not just Solaris. The current release of Flash player works with all legacy websites using Flash - so this is not an issue at the moment. VLC/Mplayer2 (i.e. movie players) are available through

  3. Hello, Everyone out there.

    Nice to know that you have updated the front page of OI and replaced OI151a5 to 151a7.

    That's an indication that you great warriors of OI are working full steam.

    Well, guys plesae tell me how I can contribute.

    I have some knowledge about (intermediate level) C and better about JAVA.

    CAn I contribute??

    Well and I am patiently waiting for Libreoffice.

    My Digisol USB wireless piece is having its driver in the OI after installation. But how to activate it/?

    CAn I use cross bow in Wireless setup on desktop?

    Hearty congratulations to Ken Mays, John Tibble and others for your perseverance and hard work.

    I know how hard it is to work for such an operating system.

    Well, but now i want to make it popular. Can we not upgrade ist gnome??

    Lots of things I need to talk with you greatest developer of the best OS In the world

    Regards to you all



    PH: 02225899889





    1. You are able to run Libreoffice productivity on wine in the meantime ? an update of gnome would be helpful and touch screen drivers


    2. OpenIndiana is a great operating system but it is essentially not maintained.  151a7 was released 8 months ago and there haven't been any updates, and from the information I have received there are 2 individuals who are maintaining the release.  Suffice it to say, but 2 people working to update an operating system is not sustainable and there cannot be regular updates.  While it is commendable for those who are contributing to the efforts of OI, my personal opinion is that it's a waste of their time.

      I've used Solaris for over 10 years and believe it is probably one of the best operating systems created, and I'd like to see OI continue, but without adequate developer support and commercial support, there is no life in the project.  Last night I installed pkgsrc for OI and even though the repository was 2011Q1 I thought I'd try.  Alas, there is nothing there.  Most of the mirrors have long since been shutdown too.

      I still waver and have been waiting for 151a8 to move my websites and mail servers to it, but without any updates I feel I will just move to SmartOS and just run OI as my desktop and forget about using it as a server.

  4. Hi everyone.

    When can we see the OI151a8 link on this page??

    I am raring to go.


    1. My information is that only 2 people are working on OI, so it could be weeks, months, or never for 151a8 to be released.  Sad to say.  It is a great OS and very stable, but without developer interest and more importantly, commercial backing, it cannot be a sustainable project.

  5. Dear gpatrick,

    I am of the openiion that if only two people are working, still perseverence and slow but steady work will yield rich dividends in the long run.

    Take the example of Debian release. Do you find frequent releases??

    Lets not waste the hard work of those who have brought the OI to this state as on today.

    Just eight months back we have seen successful release of OI151a-7, Then why not 8??

    The OI team can include Mr. Martin Bochnik. Look he is so fast. Why not include him?

    My only openion is that by not releasing the OI151a-8, we are only depriving the OpenSource Community such a world class secure, cloud enabled excellent and stable operating system.

    I hereby appeal Mr. Martin Bochnik to join hands with OI team and give finishing touches to such a wonderful OS and donate it to mankind. After all we homo sapiens are born only once.

    If you could connect update manager with OI151a8, it will take auto updates.

    There might be some bugs. However, please be informed that there is no OS in this world as on today which are famous and running on millions of Desktops, laptops with those bugs. Compared to them, our OI and OpenSXCE are really great.

    Stop the monopoly of Oracle. Show them that Oi and OpenSXCE, both will give the oracle run for money.

    Thanks dear technocolleagues.


  6. Can any one tell me as to why the twitter stream been removed from the home page of OI??

    OH aahh one more thing, OI and Opensolaris only have apache gui, hypervisor gui and in Opensolaris there is mysql gui which is quite handy. There is no such gui in linux.

    I host my website from home only. I shall disclose the name once I have finally settled for one OS.


    1. A mistake?  An error?  Maybe, but I highly doubt it. 

      Click on the "Documentation" link on the top of the page for "Release Notes" and it takes you to the Release Notes page.  There it says "View Latest Release Notes" which takes one to 151a5. 

      There is some effort with some new repository called "hipster" to breathe new life into OI, but when I tried to follow the steps I had error after error, and others have too.  Some have got past them and it works.  I believe the work of hipster may go into 151a8, but not entirely certain.

      The number of mirrors for OI is down to 2 I think.  A complete OS cannot be maintained by a couple of people, it is entirely impossible.  Being able to update like FreeBSD isn't a possibility yet with OI and likely never will be.

      Oracle dropping support for OpenSolaris was the end of the road.  I think Oracle only wants very large customers for Solaris, and then I think they just want Solaris for their Exabyte line.

      You yourself even said "when you decide on an OS," so it doesn't seem you are jumping on the OI bandwagon yourself.  I am moving my websites and mail services off OpenBSD onto eith OI or SmartOS, and I have been trying, really trying to give OI the thumbs up.  But it just seems to be going nowhere.  OI is solid and stable, but any security problems are never dealt with.  I have to soon make a decision myself whether to just stick with OI even though it is on its last leg, or move to SmartOS.

      One thing that does bug me with OI is not being able to get a sysidcfg to work with a Zone.  Cloning is no problem, but dropping in a sysidcfg which should allow one to eliminate configuration doesn't work.  That won't work for me.  I don't want to go through the config of a new zone.  Things like that.


      1. Hi,


        i was able to move to hipster (actually writing this from it (wink) ):

        # Make current clone of BE and boot into (so you can revert)
        beadm create -d "IO dev to hipster move" OI_151a7_dev2hipster
        # After reboot into dev2hipster, change publisher
        pfexec pkg unset-publisher
        pfexec pkg set-publisher -O
        pfexec pkg update -v --be-name OI_151a8_hipster
        # Step above will create new BE (OI_151a8_hipster), so reboot into
        $ uname -a
        SunOS ****** 5.11 oi_151a8 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris
        $ cat /etc/release 
                     OpenIndiana Development oi_151.1.8 X86 (powered by illumos)
                Copyright 2011 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
                                Use is subject to license terms.
                                   Assembled 19 February 2013

        Few things stop to work (didn't manage to investigate all):

        • Adobe flash player, because 151a8 uses newer GCC and other libraries (didn't had time to investigate closer).
        • Since i didn't updated zone, i cannot ssh into zone anymore, but i can login into console. It has some errors: "/lib/svc/method/fs-local: line 90: 25795: Abort(coredump)" - and lot of services are disabled because of this

        But you've got lz4_compress of ZFS. All other upgrades are listed here: Popular Software

        Maybe i was too impatient, but wanted to give it a try. Looks promising.

        Big thanks to all developers.


      2. Hi,

        moved back to OI 151a7 /dev. Too unstable and not finished yet. But upgrade via BE, as well as GNOME, sound worked.


  7. There is lot of activity probably going on within OI.

    I have updated my OI151a7 using hipster repo and update was successful on my PIV 2.0 gm Ram except ........ x11 comments were plenty. However, I do not know whether there is an error or not.

    I hope OI151 may have stable release in coming months.

    I wish OI team great luck and always remember Mr. Martin Bochnik, who as a single developer has worked on OpenSxce.

    Lets take motivation from his work.

    Well, I don't know but I think OI is really really great and with the help of illumos will come out with foreverware in coming months.

    Why you guys do not take help of Illumos developers??

    Well and one more thing, when I booted in to updated OI, the mention was not OI151a8 but it is suffixed with Illumos.



    1. I don't want to rain on your parade, but a stable release of OI is not imminent and not likely to happen anytime soon.  The stable release, i.e., stable repo was supposed to be out nearly 2 years ago and the only repo is dev.

      1. Dear gpatrik,

        You seem to be claiming now "a stable release of OI is not imminent" yet 22 days ago you said "I'm not trying to discourage you from using OpenIndiana.  It is stable and solid, but the toolchain is outdated and there won't be any new development like ZFS encryption" - what changed your mind?

        In my experience OI is indeed stabel enough for production in Telco HA environments. I have deployed about 27 servers in several countries running OI and to me it is just as stable as any release of Sun or Oracle Solaris ever was.  My company has not had a single complaint about the OI platform and more importantly no system failures.  We also have many happy customers no longer being extorted at $1,000 USD minimum per year per non-Sun/Oracle server SW support.

        One might argue it is both odd/problematic that you can't just "build"the OI userland from scratch it almost seems impossible (Hat's off to Jon Tibble for all his hard work), but it is easy to update the illumos kernel and also bring in outside packages and custom code/scripts.  

        My point is that OI fits a need and is both familiar and useful the real progress happens in the kernel and that is illumos and spinning up a new BE is pretty painless.  I am less concerned with X11, apache, and other utilities except that OI gives the respective sysadmin's a familiar platform with binary compatibility to almost 100% of Solaris software and the capability of compiling up to date opensource if needed (might not be via a simple pkg update but the capability is there).  Most of our deployments run on the same HW for 14 years+ as such knowing Solaris 2.5 through Solaris 11 skills are entirely sufficient to manage and understand OI.

        1. How does one "easily" update Illumos for OI?

          1. Hi "gpatrick" (hope you were not being sarcastic by asking)

            I believe you are interested in #2 below this procedure has always worked for me and doesn't take much time at all.  

            1. Pretty simple to update both illumos and userland packages see

            2. A bit more work (if you count typing six commands as work) to update ONLY illumos and you also boot into a new BE refer to this thread and read it.  Rich Lowe outlines the process, and Gary Mills followed it to completion - showing all commands and output.  I kind of look at this as akin running OmniOS bloody.
            3. Then if you want to take the time (1-4 hours) you can compile illumos from source (make your own changes, fix bugs, etc. this is the real fun) and boot into a new BE refer to this and follow it.

            WRT #3 this is easy once you set up your dev environment and on my development system it only takes 23 minutes for the entire process.  I actually prefer "clean" compiles over #2 just because I feel more in control.  But on my slower systems I use #2 since I don't like waiting 4+ hours.