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  • oi_151a_prestable9 Release Notes
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Release Date: January 18th, 2014

oi_151a_prestable9 AKA oi_151a9 is a bug and security fix release with another JDS rebuild.  This is not an ISO release.

The python package issue for a8 should be fixed in the repo now.  This means if you got a pkg error trying to upgrade to a8, you should try updating and should have more success now.

If you have updated from oi_151a8, the package gvfs will be missing.  Check this with ``pkg info gvfs''.  This package was inadvertently deleted in oi_151a8.  Without this package, desktop mounting and unmounting CD and DVD disks and USB drives will be incorrect.  Install this package with ``pkg install gvfs''.

The list of changes is below...

  • Bump illumos to hg:14187:68927c785889 git:52e13e00ba
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • Bump Apache2 to 2.2.26
    • Bump APR to 1.5.0
    • Bump APR-util to 1.5.3
    • Bump BIND to 9.6-ESV-R10-P1
    • Bump mutt to 1.5.22
    • Bump ntpd to 4.2.7p411
    • Bump OpenLDAP to 2.4.38
    • Bump Samba to 3.5.22
    • Bump Wireshark to 1.8.12
    • Fix Apache 64bit binaries
    • Fixes for PHP -
    • Fix unrar password function -
    • Fix weird subversion build issue
  • pkg fixes
    • #1204 zoneadm cannot create clone of zone from snapshot
  • oi-build changes
    • Bump illumos-kvm to a8ea37e
    • Bump NVIDIA driver to 304.117
    • Bump pkgbuild to 1.3.105 plus patches
    • Bump QEMU to 1c6181b
    • Fix python-26 conditional dependency
    • Fix python-26 pyconfig.h
    • Add automake-1.11
    • Add jq
    • Add tmux
    • oi-build build system cleanups
  • Lots of release engineering fixes for pkg planning, version bumps and obsoletions
  • jds changes can be found here:

As usual please confirm bugs reported to see if they're fixed or still apply to a9 and, as always, please bang on it and report new issues on

You can get the full repo or just pkg update from a previous version.

Enjoy, JT


  1. Thank you Jon for your work on OI.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  2. Some of the SFW bumps listed above appear to have failed.  I'm trying to track down what happened.  When I followed the instructions on the SFW page to clone it from:

    I found that some of the bumped products were missing.  Those that were present were always older versions.  Is there another location to clone?  Are the instructions wrong?

    When I compared the versions actually in oi_151a9 to those listed above, I found that these ones were correct:

    apache2 apr apr-util bind samba wireshark

    but that for these ones, the versions in oi_151a9 are older:

    mutt ntpd openldap

    What happened?  I'm especially interested in the NTP server.


    1. tWhat happened was that the NTP package was mis-labelled.  It looks like an older version:

      $ pkg info ntp 
      Name: service/network/ntp
      Summary: Network Time Protocol Daemon v4
      Description: Network Time Protocol v4, NTP Daemon and Utilities (4.2.5)
      Category: System/Services
      State: Installed
      Build Release: 5.11
      Packaging Date: 17 January, 2014 08:32:48 PM
      Size: 3.91 MB
      FMRI: pkg://,5.11-

      but it's really the newer version:

      $ /usr/lib/inet/ntpd -? 2>&1 | head
      ntpd - NTP daemon program - Ver. 4.2.7p411
      Usage: ntpd [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]... \
      [ <server1> ... <serverN> ]

      This was a false alarm, except for the packaging error.


  3. If you are seeing messages from ntpd every five minutes in /var/adm/messages that are like this:

    Feb 22 08:06:48 ati ntpd[345]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] bind(55) AF_INET6 fe80::ca60:ff:fe12:a83c%26%26#123 flags 0x11 failed: Cannot assign requested address
    Feb 22 08:06:48 ati ntpd[345]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] unable to create socket on rge0 (6360) for fe80::ca60:ff:fe12:a83c%26#123

    the cause is this line in Makefile.sfw at usr/src/cmd/ntpd:

    CONFIGURE_OPTIONS +=	--disable-getifaddrs

    Simply delete this line and rebuild to create a ntp package that works correctly.


  4. The git commit for illumos is dated Fri Sep 6 09:20:56 2013.  That's several months before this version of OI was released.  Is there a problem tracking illumos versions, or did it really take that long?


  5. It is highly appreciated that a few developers are working on this great distro with illumos kernel.

    However, just a few words of caution and it should not be taken with negative attitude.



    Whenever there is any comment given on this page, it does not mean to criticise the work of the developers and nobody can criticise it.

    The objective of this is to make further improvements in this great operating system which is truly desktop version but lacks certain fueatures

    1. Try to make it error free before venturing in introducing new things.
    2. For example if I am giving any suggestion means I as a user of Openindian wants to use it for my every day task as much as possible, otherwise why I should write here???
    3. Secondly I like this operating system to be successful and competitive to Linux distros which lack what OI has.
    4. If the developers think that this OS is only for them who are working on this and also for very few others who are good on solaris technologies then why to allow people like us to post our openions.
    5. Many developers and enthusiasts are posing their bugs and comments here, that is only because they want to make this OS usable and popularize it for as many students, programmers, enthusists and professors who find it interesting.
    6. If this is not the case, then the programmers should better keep this OS to themselves and enjoy amongst each other only.


    Thanks for allowing to post my views on this board and please ponder over it. TRUST ME OPENINDIAN IS A GREAT OPERATING SYTEM only  next to Solaris 11.2 which has just been launched by Oracle. I know that you developers are not getting any financial benefits and have to work very hard as it is thankless job for you without any money but remember "NO GAIN WITHOUT ANY PAIN and WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY".

    All the best.


    OI community well wisher

    1. I don't want to say that OI is dead, but essentially it is.  A few developers do work but it can't be seriously considered for any production work because there isn't a security officer for one thing.  Has Heartbleed been patched? No, but that is because I believe OpenSSL is back on 0.98.

      OI should have a focus and that would be as a server.  The desktop wars are over and Microsoft has won that.  There is no going back.


      1. "Desktop" is not what some think it is.
        It is what you have also on server, so you can do things from time to time, not needing to rely on any other machine to actually do administration of your own server.
        MS is almost useless for serious work apart from LAN, let's face it it is them that lost big server market long ago.
        OI will live. If you want your desktop that gets updated and is OI, get OI Hipster and start testing. OI releases can always cherry-pick for new releases from there.

  6. When is the next release of OI

    1. Whenever the one person who now is doing it decides he has time.  151a9 was not an iso release either. 

      As I've said before, if you're so gung-ho on OI and want this and that, then help out the community and make the 151a10 release yourself.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am an avid user of OI and all things solaris on this planet earth.

    However, I am not a programmer but an end user. However, I know much about C and JAVA and find C++ bit difficult.

    Still I am willing to contribute, however I need your guidance as to how I can contribute one thing.

    Another thing is that I wish to know your objective to work on OI and what are your short term and long term plans and goats?

    Do you wish to popularise it and give it to the community who know what solaris is?

    Have you marked some timelines?

    How many persons are working with you? Are they located at one place or distributed geographically.

    How Illumos is involved in this and how many people are working there?

    What is the relation of Smart OS, omni os and other distros with illumos?


    Sorry for the barrage of so many questions on my end. However, please take your time and satisfy my thirst for information to know the things.