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Comment: Info and link on shared networking


We recommend building all software inside zones, so you can set up a clean development environment and not "pollute" your main operating environment.

This guide below assumes you are on a LAN with DHCP. We will create a crossbow VNIC on your primary network interface (assumed to be e1000g0 here, adapt as necessary), which will operate as if the VNIC was plugged directly into your local LAN.
It is also possible to set up static network addressing on a VNIC, as well as use "shared networking" where the local zone's interface would be an alias of one available to the global zone (a guide mentioning this is available here:
HOW-TO Setup referential build zone for OpenIndiana Addon Consolidations).

titleDistro Constructor

The Distribution Constructor (the software that produces the final ISO Image) does not work inside a Zonelocal zone.

Create a zfs filesystem

Here, we are disabling atime and sync to speed up builds. Note that setting sync=disabled may result in data loss in a power loss/system crash scenario, so only enable it for your build environment if you don't mind losing data (necessary to separate the options into -o property=value blocksfrom recent writes just before the crash):

Code Block
pfexec zfs create -o compression=on -o mountpoint=/zones rpool/zones
pfexec zfs create -o sync=disabled -o atime=off rpool/zones/build