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  • update all pci.ids and usb.ids files to current
  • update CMake to
  • update freetype to 2.5.5
  • add GCC 4.9.3 package to repo
  • Find out what's wrong with OpenOffice 4.1.1
  • Add Python 3.4.x modules
  • Port libvirt
  • Migrate JDS (GNOME 2.32.1) components to oi-userland (List of migrated specs)

  • Add gtk3
  • Add fuse and some fuse modules (e.g., ntfs, ssh, ext4, xfs)
  • Add support for DilOS-branded (dpkg) zone
  • Rebuild developer/build/make with GCC

  • Create binary compatible library/motif package
  • Make oi-userland buildable with clang
  • Replace developer/macro/cpp with open source version
  • Include GCC on Live DVD