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Comment: make clear the status of OI-hosted SFE repos is unmaintained / looking vor volunteers

3rd-Party Package


Repository "SFE"

The list of available binary "SFE"-packages for OpenIndiana Hipster can be browsed here: -  it contains the promoted LibreOffice package.

For news and updates please always read the blog here:

If you need another package, ask for adding it to the automatic build system there (email sfepackages at gmail dod com).

Please note: There IPS packages are independent from OpenCSW, only the hosting is provided.

Instructions to configure this external IPS repository see here:

The informations below belong to the no longer maintained OI-hosted sfe package repository.

If you want to volunteer, please get in contact and you'll get a introduction on how to build SFE packages and update the OI-hosted "sfe" IPS servers.

What is the Spec Files Extra repository?