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Comment: add URL to the warning about the no longer maintend sfe repository on, /sfe-encumbered

3rd-Party Package Repository "SFE"


community maintained

This is a repository with lots of extra packages including office software LibreOffice.
Available Packages can be browsed here: -  it contains the promoted LibreOffice package.

For news and updates please always about SFE / spec-files-extra read the blog here:
To stay informed, you can point your RSS feed reader to the blog and to the IPS repositories you are interested in (e.g. on your smartphone or in firefox).

If you need another package added to the repository, ask for adding it to the automatic build system there (then please ask by email sfepackages at gmail dod com ).or send a tweet to @sfepackages

Please note: There These IPS packages are completely independent from OpenCSW, only the hosting is provided by OpenCSW (thank you, OpenCSW!).

Ready to start?
For Instructions to configure this external IPS repository see here:



Below is about historic IPS repositories. The packages had been built by using "spec-files" but the packages are today no longer recompiled/updated.
Therefore see the warnings about non-maintained software. If you feel to revive these repositories, then please get in contact!

If you are a used of the old packages, you can note down the list of packages (pkg list | grep "sfe") and then go for the maintained repository listed on top of this page and reinstall the current packages from there.

titleDeprecated SFE repositories on and /sfe-encumbered

Please make sure you are using the repository at the top of this page, it is maintained and you can request additional packages to be added.

The informations below belong to the no longer maintained OI-hosted sfe package repository hosted in the URL and

If you want to volunteer, please get in contact and you'll get a introduction on how to build SFE packages and update the OI-hosted "sfe" IPS servers.