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Nvidia provides Solaris x86-64/x86 packages of their proprietary driver for different families of graphic adapters.

One or more drivers may be installed from oi-userland using components located in the directory components/openindiana.

The list of currently supported and legacy drivers is updated on the Unix Drivers page.

396.xxCurrentGeForce 400 to Geforce GTX 10Driver 396.24
340.xxLegacy GPUGeForce 8 to GeForce 700 seriesDriver 340.106 ; Delivers libvdpau as part of the package.
304.xxLegacy GPUGeForce 6 to GeForce 600 seriesDriver 304.137  

Drivers series highlighted in orange  are currently part of oi-userland, others may be installed manually following Nvidia's instructions.


Note on new driver installations:

$ pfexec beadm list 
$ pfexec beadm create oi-nvidia 
$ pfexec beadm mount oi-nvidia /mnt 
$ pfexec pkg -R /mnt uninstall -r driver/graphics/nvidia 
$ pfexec /bin/sh --extract-only 
$ cd NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-390.48 
$ pfexec pkgadd -R /mnt -d . NVDAgraphics NVDAgraphicsr 
$ pfexec bootadm update-archive -R /mnt 
$ pfexec beadm unmount -f oi-nvidia 
$ pfexec beadm activate oi-nvidia 
$ pfexec reboot -p