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AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack from OpenIndiana

Conveniently, there is already a metapackage in IPS for installing a complete AMP stack in your OpenIndiana environment.


Best practice would be to install this inside of a local zone .

main problem: to v ery up to date

AMPO (Apache, MySQL with PHPmyadmin, PHP and Owncloud)

This community project is a free add-on to napp-it but you can use the installer without napp-it as well.
It currently installs:

  • Apache 2.4.6,
  • MySQL 5.6.12,
  • PHPMyadmin,
  • PHP 5.4.19
  • OwnCloud 5.0.10 

installation (console as root):
wget -O - | perl

more information: