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  • 2016.04 Release notes

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  • Firefox is updated to 45.0.2
  • Thunderbird is updated to 38.6.0
  • Mesa 11.1.2 implemented
  • GTK 3 3.14.15 is added. GTK 2 is updated to 2.24.29 and stays default for now.
  • vlc 2.2.1 is added to /hipster-encumbered
  • ffmpeg is updated to 2.8.6
  • libusb-1.0 is added, libmtp is switched from libusb to libusb-1.0

  • fuse driver and libfuse 2.7.6 are integrated. sshfs is added.

  • dbus is updated to 1.10.8

  • libotr is updated to 4.1.1

  • openttd is updated to 1.5.3

  • geany 1.26 is added

  • hexchat 2.12.0 is added
  • lynx is updated to 2.8.8

  • mutt is updated to 1.6.0
  • X11 libraries and tools were updated
  • libical is updated to binary incompatible version 1.0.
  • libnotify is updated to ABI-incompatible 0.7.6 version
  • postrun service (which was JDS private interface to make post-installation tasks) was removed
  • Unmaintained visual panels were dropped
  • EsounD was removed (superseded by pulseaudio)
  • Openproj was removed


As always, we are proud to deliver to you latest illumos-gate bits (i.e. illumos-f83b46b).

There's also a lot of security fixes and small bug fixes.

As for missing things, we would like to update to lastest latest Xorg, but we still miss radeon driver for it.
More updates to X11 libraries are coming, as well as PHP 7.0.5.

I'd like to mention that all JDS components, present in /dev, were moved to oi-userland. As for oi-userland itself, its tools are switched to python 2.7. Components are moving to categories according to categories layout. Logic for publishing renamed/obsolete packages was imported from upstream userland-gate.