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User Resources


Component HCL

List of supported hardware

Systems HCL

List of supported systems

OpenIndiana Handbook

Community-contributed user documentation

Release Notes

 Information on OpenIndiana versions

OpenIndiana is an advanced Enterprise OS from and for the illumos community, branch of the Unix-derived family tree, and as such it can sometimes seem quite complex (over 20 years history with running important servers can do that to an OS). But with a little help and information, once you know the basics, you'll find it actually has some of the nicest and friendliest tools around.


We hope you find the information you need quickly and easily, but if you don't, please join the community and add some info on anything you've learned. The Wiki is locked to anonymous updates purely to keep the quality high. However, we are happy to grant access to anyone who wants to help. So please feel free to send us an email and we will get you up and running as fast as we can.

Other Resources


OpenIndiana Docs web site

Non-Wiki usable content site

 Opensolaris redistributable books

Still usable Opensolaris documentation