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:; zfs create -o com.sun:auto-snapshot=false -o compression=off \
   -o primarycache=metadata -b 4096`getconf PAGESIZE` -V 2045m rpool/swap
:; zfs create -o com.sun:auto-snapshot=false -o compression=off \
   -o dedup=off -o checksum=off -b 131072 -V 2045m rpool/dump

:; zfs create -o com.sun:auto-snapshot=false -o compression=off \
   -b 131072 -V 100m rpool/rsvd
  • Note that the swap block size should match the system page size, which is 4096 bytes on x86_64 target platform for OI, and is generalized with getconf callout above.
  • In extreme low-memory situations, you might want to disable caching of even metadata in the RAM-based ARC, but note that disabling metadata in the primary cache would likely effectively disable caching anything in the secondary cache (SSD L2ARC) and would incur latency hits due to more reads from disk required to do anything with the data. That is, keep this possibility in mind, but only as a last resort and temporary workaround before you're forced to reboot a non-responsive system.
  • The last command is not from the wizard, but rather a habitual "reservation" for the cases when your system did get filled up and you can't delete any files because snapshots reference them. In this case you can reduce or zfs destroy the rsvd volume and free up operational space.
  • We disable automatic snapshots of the volumes, because they are pointless and will by default reserve the volume size (so that the volume contents can be fully overwritten), which is a big waste of rpool.


Code Block
:; zpool export rpool
:; zpool import -N -R /a -f rpool && \
   zfs mount -O rpool/ROOT/openindiana && \
   zfs mount -a

//Jim Klimov


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