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  • rsync daemon service on OpenIndiana

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now create a valid /etc/rsyncd.conf file. This must be done or the service will not run.

For a full list of options see: man rsyncd.conf

example /etc/rsyncd.conf file:

Code Block
use chroot = yes
read only = yes
log file = /var/adm/rsyncd_upload.log
log format = - %a - %f
transfer logging = yes

#module to share ISO files
path = /lift/data/ISO
comment = public ISO repository


Congrats, your rsyncd should be working now. Test it out from a client machine using a small file for testing with something like:

Code Block

rsync servername::/ISO/some_file.iso /localpath/here/

Consult the log file referenced in your rsyncd.conf file to see info on file transfers. (In this example /var/adm/rsyncd_upload.log)