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Release Date: May 4th 2012

oi_151a_prestable3 AKA oi_151a4 is a smaller bug and security fix release.

The list of changes is shown below with the notable item being the OpenSSL bump to the latest 0.9.8.  The notable fixes are to the manifests that have been blocking updates so if you've been having issues pkg \[image-\]update then please try updating to this release and report any new failure modes.

  • illumos fixes and bumps
    • update illumos to 13676:98ca40df9171
    • Fix broken ws
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • Bump OpenSSL to 0.9.8w (security)
    • Bump Samba to 3.5.7 and apply CVE patches (#2611) (security)
    • Bump Wireshark to 1.4.12 (security)
    • Make hg use Python 2.6
  • distro-import
    • Various version bumps
    • #1424 Upgrading from 2010.05 (134b) fails
  • oi-build
    • #2446 Bump NVIDIA driver to 295.40 (security)
    • Fix pkg update bug introduced with the pkg backport in oi_151a3
      • #2629 oi_148 image-update fails