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In this example we will host all zones for building inside a dedicated ZFS dataset mounted at /zones/build (each local zone will have its datasets hanging under this point). On one hand this allows you to group zones with different tasks for administrative visibility, on the other – the common container dataset can be used to inherit specific ZFS properties to the local zones. The container has some explicitly configured ZFS properties, but holds no data on its own (other than automatically created directories as mountpoints for child datasets). As an alternative to loopback-mounting, the NFS client in a local zone can use the global zone's NFS server, but that is likely to be slow (especially if sync is enabled without a fast ZIL).

Here, we are disabling atime and sync to speed up builds. Note that setting sync=disabled may result in data loss in a power loss/system crash scenario, so only enable it for your build environment if you don't mind losing data (from recent writes just before the crash) – and there are few cases where it is not unrecommended to enable this feature: