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Comment: Adding Tuxera and Jean-Pierre André's NTFS-3G


6.8.2  Additional software installation and configuration

There are currently 2 sources of ntfs-3g, Openindiana SFE made for installing on top of /dev and working Tuxera and Jean-Pierre André's NTFS-3G project:

Openindiana SFE:
As of oi151_a5, ntfsprogs were installed, but not the actual ntfs-3g kernel modules, which will be needed for mounting the NTFS filesystem with read/write capability. To perform this step successfully, you will need to already have the Spec Files Extra Repository (SFE) added to your installation's repository list.

  $ pkg search ntfs-3g
$ pfexec pkg install /system/file-system/ntfs-3g

Something is not quite complete about the FUSE install out of the box (thanks DAMIAN WOJSŁAW! ).


    $ pkg search ntfs-3g
$ pfexec pkg install /system/file-system/ntfs-3g
$ pfexec ln -s /devices/pseudo/fuse\@0\:fuse /dev/fuse

Tuxera and Jean-Pierre André's NTFS-3G:
Working place for ntfs-3g and FUSE is Tuxera's NTFS-3G project that aims at providing a stable NTFS driver for several operating systems.

It is made possible thanks to Jean-Pierre André, on Openindiana page: (using pkgadd - d *.pkg) Please install 64-bit package on 64-bit installations.

Jean-Pierre André/Tuxera also have an active Advanced NTFS-3G Features project, where you can join in developing more advanced Ntfs features implementation. 

6.8.3  Mounting the NTFS filesystem