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Latest News



The weekly meetings moved from Tuesday 7pm UTC to Thursday 7pm UTC in #oi-meeting on

2011-09-14 - OpenIndiana oi_151a released!

Our first build based on Illumos is out. Please see our release notes for more info, and Alasdair Lumsden our project lead has a blog post about the release.

2011-03-25 - Google Summer of Code

We're now accepting student applications to the 2011 Google Summer of Code for illumos. If you're a student interested in helping build a better OpenIndiana head over to the illumos GSoC page for details.

Pinned: Weekly Meetings

We are now holding weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm UTC in #oi-meeting on for all OpenIndiana core contributors. Please come along!

2010-02-15 - Web site brain storm

The Website Ideas page is for brainstorming ideas for OI web presence. Time to dust off those brain cells and get thinking!

09-04 - oi_151a6 (prestable6) released!

Please check the oi_151a_prestable6 Release Notes for more information (smile) Enjoy!