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pkg install header-math

2.) You will also need to install Perl.  These are the packages I installed.  If you don't need apache-22, feel free to take it out.  

pkg install apache-22 perl-510 runtime/perl-510/extra runtime/perl-510/module/sun-solaris library/perl-5/database library/perl-5/xml-parser

3.) You will also need MySql server running on the localhost.  I'm not sure yet if you will need it after this is installed.  The install procedure needs at least some of the libraries, and make test needs the server running to perform its tests. I installed the following, and it worked for me to get it installed:

pkg install database/mysql-51 database/mysql-51/library database/mysql-common library/apr-util-13/dbd-mysql

34.) Configure MySql to run.  I suggest setting the following in your my.cnf file first, as I had to do this on one of our systems:


Enable mysql:

svcadm enable mysql

45.) When you go to actually install the DBD::mysql Module, you will see the following, so you may as well do this up front.


perl Makefile.PL --testuser=username

56.) Download SolarisStudio from Oracle's website:

67.) Create a directory for it.  I put it in /usr/solarisstudio



78.) In a terminal, do the following.  If you're using a different architecture, or a different version of SolarisStudio, adjust accordingly.


We are assuming you already have mysql installed.  If not, install it now.

89.) Do this command to make sure the build process can find the compiler.

# export CC=cc

910.) Now use perl's cpan program to download and install it.