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Hipster repository

Current repository is located at:


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pkg set-publisher -g --search-first


2019-05-06 PHP 7.3 was introduced

2019-05-05 Mate was updated to 1.22

2019-04-28 Firefox was updated to 60.6.1 ESR

2019-03-01 PHP 5.6 is removed.

2019-03-01 apache-24 is 64-bit-only now. File and configuration layout is changed. Manual intervention will be likely required on update to fix service. Look for details in this announcement.

2019-01-10 fish shell was updated to version 3.0.0, which has some non-backward compatible changes, for more information see fish release notes.

2018-12-13 libsodium was updated to ABI-incompatible version 1.0.16. All dependent applications should be rebuilt.

2018-12-06 VirtualBox 5.2.22 was added

2018-10-25 GtkHTML 3.32.2 (library/desktop/gtkhtml) was removed. The only consumer, evolution, had been removed long before.

2018-10-22 Components lame and twolame were moved from encumbered to userland. Gstreamer updated to 1.14.4.

2018-10-19 IPS was updated to include new fixes from Oracle and OmniOS CE (up to 93b48ac487d97ffef1711361697f1e929b744c01 )

2018-10-14 GTK 3 was updated to 3.24.1. Mate was updated to 1.20. Nimbus GTK3 theme was rebased on Solaris 11 theme from B00merang project.

2018-10-03 KVM zone brand was integrated. Now you can get additional isolation level for kvm and manage kvm VMs as zones. Some examples are available here:

2018-09-27 ghostscript was updated to 9.25. This is ABI-incompatible update. All dependent packages should be rebuilt.

2018-09-24 distro_const doesn't longer create 32-bit boot archive. GUI and text installer were modified to cope with this. If you used custom disto-const manifests, be sure to remove <script name="/usr/share/distro_const/boot_archive_archive_32"> section from them.

2018-09-01 Samba was updated to 4.8.4

2018-08-28 BerkeleyDB 5.1 compatibility symlinks were removed.

2018-07-27 Tomcat 6 ( web/java-servlet/tomcat ) was removed. Use Tomcat 8 (web/java-servlet/tomcat-8) instead.

2018-07-26 Libpqxx was updated to incompatible version 6.2.4, all dependent packages should be recompiled.

2018-06-21 Postfix updated to 3.3.1, configuration format changed in version 3.2 and 3.3, be sure to read the changes in postconf(5).

2018-05-21 hwloc updated to 2.0.1 is ABI incompatible, dependent libraries such as PETSc need rebuild.

2018-05-05 ghostcript was updated to likely ABI-incompatible 9.23 version.

2018-02-12 GCC 6 is the default oi-userland compiler now. Read announce email for details.

2018-01-23 gdm, libunique, gnome-power manager are removed. Support for creating Gnome2 installation images was removed.

2018-01-22 upower 0.99.7 and mate-power-manager 1.18.1 were added

2017-12-22 asterisk was updated to 15.1.4

2017-12-21 nautilus, file-roller, gnome-control-center and evolution were removed. You can use Mate analogs (caja, engrampa, mate-control-center) and thunderbird instead.

2017-12-20 totem was updated to 3.0.1

2017-12-12 audacity 2.1.1 was added to /hipster-encumbered repository.