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This document may contain typos or factual errors. Test before you try. While great care has been taken to verify the sample commands, by making a full installation and split-rooting it by copy-pasting this page's instructions to verify it completely, some errors may still lurk... code is code (wink)

UPDATES: This has now been fully walked-through for modifying a fresh installation without leaving the LiveCD environment (in VirtualBox) by copy-pasting the commands from this page into a root's shell (bash via jack's " sudo su -"). Afterwards it was also tested that the instructions for beadm-cloning and using that as a multi-filesystem source, the lofs variant for a single-dataset origin, and "diving into snapshots", for a subsequent split-root procedure all worked. Updating the resulting alternate BEs (with reenabled compression after a beadb beadm create cloning) also worked.

Only networked cloning remains to test (sending of OS image from an origin system over rsync into the prepared split-root hierarchy on the target system); but since this boils down to different rsync parameters within an overall same methodology – I don't expect any specific problems there. Just remember to think about what you copy-pase into where (wink)