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Snapshot 2018.04


  • Create service for generic FMA event handler
  • Improved BIOS/UEFI boot loader for 64-bit x86_64 platforms
  • USB 3.x driver support


  • OpenJDK 8
  • 2016Q4 Intel Graphics Stack Recipe
  • Python 3.5 and 3.6 packaged and separated from LX interfaces (
    • Jenkins packaged and fixed compatibility with OpenZFS 
    • PostgreSQL 9.6 integrated
    • Extend and improve support of fuse filesystems (exFAT/NTFS, ext4, xfs, btrfs) via
      • Retain 32-bit build and modules
    • Consider starting "Adopt you package" initiative:
      • People can adopt maintenance over certain packages , upstreaming changes should be even more easier
    • Install system-config-printer by default and provide a control panel icon for it.
    • PulseAudio 10.x
    • MATE 1.18.x
      • Replace GTK2 core desktop apps with updated GTK3 versions (i.e. GNOME 3.24-comparable equivalents).
      • Minimize GTK2 packages needed in IPS.


      • easing the upstream of changes
    IPS / pkg5:
    • Debug different IPS issues - zoneproxy failures, facet issues (e.g. pkg fix python-34)
    • "Speed up IPS" initiative 
      • people report that IPS performance is appalling in some cases. We should investigate and try to fix problematic parts
      • try to investigate if IPS can work with HTTP/2 and what steps are needed
    • Cherrypick some new features / fixes from upstream pkg5 repository (
    Build system changes:
    • GPG signature verification support
    • Automatically install dependencies when building packages
    • Add support for building components that have only changed - incremental build
    • Port SCM changes from userland-gate and unite components
    • Finish moving
    • componets
    • components to category layout and add REQUIRE_PACKAGES everywhere


    OLD Content

    TODO for the next snapshot (after 2015.10)

    • Add vlc to /hipster-encumbered [Done] 

    TODO list and some ideas which could be good to do in longer perspective (cherry-picking)

    • Python 3.4 - add modules
    • Debug different IPS issues - zoneproxy failures, facet issues (e.g. pkg fix python-34)
    • Port libvirt
    • Add fuse and some fuse modules (e.g., ntfs, exfat, ext4, xfs)

    • Add support for DilOS-branded (dpkg) zone

    • Replace developer/macro/cpp with open source version
    • Rebuild library/motif for binary compatibility

    • Provide clean-room implementation of service/management/sysidtool [replaced with sysding]
    • Rewrite Text/GUI/Auto installers so that only one engine is used and Text/GUI installer generate manifests for autoinstaller.
    • Update these packages to current stable versions: 

      • coverage-26 4.0

      • git 2.6.3
      • groff 1.22.3
      • iso-codes 3.63
      • libidn 1.32
      • lxml-26 3.4.4
      • Mercurial 3.6
      • netperf 2.7.0
      • numpy-26 1.10.0
      • pcap 1.7.4
      • ply 3.8
      • pylint-26 1.4.4 
      • sigcpp 2.6.1
      • simplejson-26 3.8.2
      •  xml-parser 2.44