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  • Current packaged version provided by OI hipster project is Firefox ESR 4552.47.02.

Known issues

Flash plugin

See notes about Flash 10.2/10.3/11.2 plugins with newer Firefox builds.

  • Andrey Sokolov contributed a patch for legacy Flash 10/11.2 players to work with Firefox 37 and higher. 
  • You can use the Mozilla Shumway HTML5 extension to test all Flash/SWF/SVG/WebGL/HTML5 websites.

Pulseaudio 8.x integration

High CPU load

Firefox and Thunderbird may show high CPU load and become sluggish.

This is related to frequent calls to pollsys, one workaround is to set the property layout.frame_rate to a lower value than the default 60 (-1).

A value of 24 seems to provided a decent balance. 


Based on Hipster (2016102020171031)

ComponentHipsterFirefox ESR 4552.47.03Comment
pulseaudio16.10 Tested with PulseAudio 910.0

SQLite Tested up to FF 4859.0b1 0.2 (kmays)



For oi-hipster Firefox 43.x and higher, test your plugins in: 


- Second add Shumway (Flash) extension. Shumway now works with some sites and no longer need to install and old flash player.
(If you have uninstall it or disable it).

Shumway run the :

It also works with most of files with .swf extension from :

Adobe test fail, but if you open the .swf (have to view source of the page), Adobe test are working.

- Last, if you test your HTML5 score (max score is: 555) with Firefox here :

  • 5159.0a1 0.2 score: 473491
  • 4955.0.1 3 score: 465478
  • 45.49.0 ESR score: 401 404 (Note: OI-MATE 20162017.10.2004)
  • 24.8.1 score: 369