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Comment: Added link to LibreOffice 5.2


On OpenIndiana Hipster,  LibreOffice 4.4.7 is available from SFE since Jan 1th 2016.

Libreoffice is available since Feb 5th 2017

(History: LibreOffice 4.4.5 is available from SFE since Aug. 2015)

Building notes

Many thanks to Peter Tribble for his invaluable work:

Prerequirements for


DLP projects:


ComponentVersionOI VersionProject URLArchive URLComment
  • PR #860


0.0.2 Maintainer: AS
libwpd0.10.0 Needs volunteer
  • Pass --disable-werror to configure
  • PR #1336
  • PR #1338
  • PR #1343
libwpg0.3.10 Needs volunteer.3.0
  • PR #1344
libmspub0.1.2 Needs volunteer
  • Replace the call to pow() in src/lib/MSPUBMetaData.cpp with std::pow()
  • Remove zlib from the installed pc file (Tribblix, and some of the other illumos other distros, don't supply a pkgconfig file for zlib) Not OI Hipster.
  • PR #1348
  • PR #1349
libcdr0.1.3 Needs volunteer
  • PR #2337 (needed for inkscape)
mdds0.11.2 Needs volunteer  
  • Make sure you have a PATH that has the gnu install ahead of the system install program when running make install.
libixion0.7.0 Maintainer: AL  
  • Need some way of getting -pthreads past configure *and* make. For configure, I [Peter] used:

    env boost_cv_pthread_flag=-pthreads CFLAGS="-O -pthreads" CPPFLAGS="-pthreads" CXXFLAGS="-pthreads" configure ...

    and for make:

    gmake MDDS_CFLAGS=-pthreads
liborcus0.7.0 Maintainer: AL  
  • Run the following against all the Makefiles that the configure step generates:

  • It looks to pkgconfig to find zlib, so you'll need to prevent that:

     env ZLIB_CFLAGS="-I/usr/include" ZLIB_LIBS="-lz" configure ...
 Needs volunteer 
  • Replace the call to pow() in src/lib/VSDMetaData.cpp with std::pow()
  • Remove zlib and libxml-2.0 from the installed pc file