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  • 2017.10 Release notes

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 This release is signed and verifiable by GPG. The OpenIndiana Release Engineering key has key id 0x3a021afadbe31887.


  • Xorg was updated to 1.19.5, xorg libraries and drivers were updated.

  • Mate was updated to 1.18

  • Enlightenment was updated to 0.21.8

  • Firefox was updated to 52.4.1
  • VLC was updated to 2.2.6
  • Thunderbird was updated to 52.4.0libjpeg was updated to 1.5.2
  • Lightdm now properly interacts with Solaris-specific Xorg interface, allowing X server to drop privileges.
  • several issues in time-slider were fixed (complex configurations with multiple included/excluded filesystems are fixed, zfs-send plugin is working again)
  • libjpeg was updated to 1.5.2
  • Gstreamer and gstreamer plugins were updated to  1.12.3

  • WebkitGTK2 was updated to 2.16.6

  • btltty was updated to 5.5

  • Nvidia driver was updated to 340.104

  • goffice was updated to ABI-incompatible 0.10.35 version, all dependent software should be recompiled