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  • 2017.10 Release notes

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  • Download <ISO>.sig file from mirror
  • Run: gpg2 --verify <ISO>.sig <ISO>. You should see the following output:

    Code Block
    Warning: using insecure memory!
    gpg: Signature made 30Tue October31 Oct 2017 at 2111:5219:0040 UTCAM MSK using RSA key ID DBE31887
    gpg: Good signature from "OpenIndiana Release Engineering" [ultimateunknown]

General system changes

Xorg was updated to 1.19.5 (Note, that if you run OI as VirtualBox guest, you should switch to vesa driver, as latest VirtualBox guest additions (currently 5.1.30 or 5.2.0) don't provide Solaris xorg drivers for Xorg 1.19). An issue causing Xorg being launched as root was fixed.