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With large amounts of disk being available to the average consumer, it's becoming more and more common to build a pool for your home office and serve shared resources to your LAN. This is usually one of the more difficult situations to share files because there are usually many versions of many different operating systems. We'll explore several options below with some hints for clarification on how to make them work. 


It's very simple to export an NFS share using the zfs tools. 


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$ sudo mount_nfs -o sync -o vers=3 storeageserver:/yourpool/yourshare localmount/


To share a file system named "yourshare" via cifs execute a command like the following below. Note that the share name is arbitrary and can be completely different than the name of the file system itself, as seen in the example below.

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$ zfs set sharesmb=name=myshare yourpool/shares/chris

To just turn on the cifs sharing without specifying a name execute a command like the following.  Note that the auto-generated names created using this method are usually not user-friendly.

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$ zfs set sharesmb=on yourpool/stuff/chris