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Comment: Optiplex 9010







DellOptiplex 9010 OI 2018.04, GFX, network, AHCI disks workMichal Nowak
DellPowerEdge R610 

oi_151.1.4, all ok

Jorge Palma Escobar
DellPowerEdge R620 oi_151a9, all ok. oi_151a1 doesnt recognize raid controllerJason Matthews
DellPowerEdge R720 oi_151a9 all okayJason Matthews
DellPowerEdge R820 oi_151a9 severe performance problems on ixgbe - difficult to break 300 mb/s transmitting, receiving is okayJason Matthews
DellPowerEdge 1950 III oi_151a7, all working perfectly


DellPowerEdge SC1425 oi_151a9, hipster everything worksJohan  Sanchez
DellPowerEdge 4600 oi_151a9, hipster everything worksJohan  Sanchez


DL360 G6


If you use the built in P410i array controller you should make sure you have or get the battery back up so the write cache is enabled or ZFS performance will be horrible. Also it is recommended that you install HP's free hpacucli command to make it easier to enable swapped out hotswap drives.

Logan Bruns

HPDL380 G7 

Intel 5520 chipset based motherboard

  • Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5709
  • p410i RAID controller performance sucks like a hoover vaccum. No JBOD support.
  • Requires new firmware all around or the installation of an SSD triggers a bug that starts a thermal shutdown
  • iLO works as expected. Download drivers directly from HP along with the scripting toolkit to make bios configuration changes in OS – neat level of integration
  • Expect monthly firmware updates on this platform. HP has a fix it in the field approach
  • There has been some conflict between LSI cards and HPs passive midplane. Every other column of disks must be left vacant or data corruption occurs. Last December LSI and HP were pointing fingers at each other, however, this problem may be resolved. I am no longer in a position where i can risk the data on the disks to find out. I installed both midplanes and half the drive slots are empty at the moment.
Jason Matthews
HPML110 G7 oi_151a_prestable5, Intel Xeon E3 1220, no reported driver issues.Dave Koelmeyer
HPProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T Get driver for Smart Array B120i/ZM. ZFS works well.Miguelino Schwinn

Proliant Microserver Gen8 G2020T

 HP NC112T NIC works by default. Used updated CPQary driver. Very stable. Home video server.Ryan Diomi
HPProLiant MicroServer Gen8 E3-1220Lv2 HP NC112T NIC. 16GB RAM. hipster-20140701 installed. Very stable. Ryan Diomi
HPProLiant Microserver N40L oi_151a5. No special drivers required.Jon Green
IBMxServer x3100 M4 

oi_151a5. No special drivers required.

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz Socket 1

Ethernet 1 Intel 82574L Ethernet Controller

Jorge Palma Escobar

(6x blade server
chassis with
shared storage
presented as SAN)

No particular Solaris-related problems (all networking and storage components recognized by oi_151a and several older Solaris 10 distros).
Did not test MPxIO with Solaris because this box had no secondary IO controller (had it working with Linux and Windows on other such boxes).

However the stability of remote serial console, remote graphical jKVM and remote media used for installation leaves a lot better to be desired (in comparison with Sun Fire IPMI/ILOM interfaces). May be a pain to install over pure remote-console networking, but this regards any OS we tried with the server. Physical distro media is required very much recommended. After that, all works well =)

Jim Klimov



oi_151a1 no problems

  • Intel S5520 motherboard
  • Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family)
  • Intel Corporation 82575EB Gigabit Network Connection
  • RMM3 works as expected (as an OEMd service processor from AMI), but no bmc driver support in OI (works in Solaris 11)
  • Onboard SATA/SAS ports work in AHCI mode on the passive midplane but hot plug seems broken. I recommend internal LSI cards in any case.
  • I did not try the serial console, but I would assume that works
  • Hardware throws ECC errors on large memory installations (96GB) up until version 50 of firmware. Recommend v60+
  • System is unable to fast boot and generates an error about a 32bit address. Alter boot config in the repo to do a full boot to work around this problem.
Jason Matthews
StorevaultN500/S500 oi151a7, all working finectable


SuperServer 6016T-MTHF



Milan Jurik





Geoff Flarity


oi_151a3 no problems with

  • Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] ...
  • Intel Corporation 82576 Gigabit Network Connection
  • Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200eW WPCM450
  • ATI Technologies Inc RD890 ...
  • ATI Technologies Inc SB700/SB800 ...
Uwe Reh
ZotacZbox ID-18Urge

oi_151a7 All working except for Intel graphics (only VGA), and USB3 (has no driver).

Gary Mills