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This page provides ideas, notes and proposals for the policies and processes we need to think about going forward:

  • Patches
    • How long will we give upstream to fix an issue before taking a nexenta/illumos patch?
    • How will we keep track of which issues are fixed by which patches in which branches?
    • oi-notify mailing list?
  • Security
    • What are we going to monitor for security patches/fixes? Just upstream (Osol), two upstream (Osol, IllumOS/Nexenta), up-upstream too (package providers)?
    • Who is going to monitor security issues?
    • Is there a pre-public announcement (NDA?) type relationship Oracle allows for sec issue notification?
    • Do we need a security mailing list?
  • Testing
    • What testing/checking procedures are going to be in place for accepting code?
    • Any additional/different checks or testing periods for the stable series?
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  1. Draft Marketing Plan 2012-2913


    This is a draft marketing plan.Please feel free to make minor or technical amendments.It probably best fits this section of the community Wiki.

    Draft Marketing plan for Openindiana (Oi Unix) 2012-2013


    • To make Oi as the Open Source UNIX system of choice for the Enterprise Server, Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud enablement.



    Brand associations

    • Open source stable enterprise software
    • Established Proof of concept with community support
    • Enterprise Innovation without restriction



    Brand Values

    • Innovation without restriction
    • Enterprise Quality
    • Efficiency and security
    • Community support No licensing restrictions
    • Celestial associations


    Product attributes

    • File system
    • Fault finding and Self healing
    • Security
    • Scalability Stable platform for enterprise
    • Virtualisation


    Free Open source license restrictions


    • Internet
    • Integrators
    • Resellers
    • Twitter face book other new media
    • Online wiki and forums


    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Emerging markets in the bric nations


    • Enterprise Server
    • Enterprise Desktop
    • USB Cloud Server
    • USB Cloud Desktop

    Promotional mix

    • Initially Aimed at Small to Medium Enterprises, development and end user communities.
    • To acquire, manage Partners and Alliances.
    • Integration of and development through Illuminos
    • To maintain relationship with oracle to integrate enterprise products
    • Freeware developers example Adobe systems
    • Open source developers examples Mozilla, Gnome Foundation
    • Community contributors


    Associations and collaboration opportunities

    • Aims to build relationships with organisations or groups sharing common goals example  Open Data Centre Alliance
    • The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)
    • To integrate Financial open source software such as marketcentra
    • To encourage Databases  examples Mysql oracle products
    • To develop for use with Storage and cloud technology
    • Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) is a remote control technology


    • Aims to build relationships with regulatory organisations or groups.


    • Initially supported as a community release with the aim of helping integrators and resellers to provide country specific support communities.
    • Build a online support knowledge base and documentation
    • Build mufti domestic country development communities through universities, interest groups, and end users.
    • Build and maintain a branded accessible website or portal with sponsors.
    • Encourage a philosophy to build, develop, and simplify to promote innovation, user responsiveness, quality and efficiency.
    • To assemble groups of expertise in support, development, graphics, marketing, and business enterprise.
    • To provide a mechanism to managed donations, sponsorship, and grants.
    • To encourage a large enough development community to provide develop progress at or faster than industry standard.
    • To encourage compatibility with major mobile and industry standard operating systems.
    • Easy access to contribute additional development of a Code exchange and proprietary ips
    • Build and develop USB cloud distro version
    • Develop touch screen drivers.
    • Integrate more software disk tools and monitors.
    • Build a Business, Marketing, and Development expertise.