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  • Testing /dev to /hipster-2015 or /hipster update
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This page describes testing of update Openindiana operating system, from Openindiana old /dev development release into newer /hipster-2015 and /hipster as a preparation for future landings into /dev.


Assumption is that you install package(s) form the trusted source publisher (in IPS terminology 'repository' is called a publisher). Do not install packages form untrusted source or from third parties unless you accept the risks of installing third-party binary packages.
Prior installing and testing be advised to make a clone of your current working Boot environment (BE) using beadm command (beadm list, beadm create, beadm activate).
Prior installing and testing be advised make a snapshot of your home directories (/export/home) and other zfs datasets (filesystems) using zfs command. (zfs list, zfs snapshot, zfs rollback).
Prior installing and testing be informed that solaris zones in Openindiana hipster (OI hipster) are linked-images by default and that adding IPS publisher requires adding it in linked-image zones as well.
It is requred that you have appropirate role priviledges for installing packages,using administrative account and commands like pfexec or sudo

We are going to do do update testing, so we do not need any additional infrastructure at the moment. We will reuse currently unchanged /hipster-2015 repository (at as the nearest to the latest positive update reports from /dev.
There is one more update target, that is OI hipster 20160421 snapshot, but there is at the moment no separate publisher infrastructure for it.

It is more important to confirm at least one positive working update target to test updating in detail, therefore even just testing update to hipster-2015 can be enough
Optional part:
The point of testing is not that you end up with running Hipster in production right now, but, but to go toward updating renewing /dev update , thank you for your testing reports!

Here is the process created for the reference:
1 - Create a Boot Environment (BE) to restart and boot into it: (option -a activates newly created BE so one doesn't have to issue 'beadm activate' in an separate step)

$ pfexec beadm create -a Openindiana-HipUpdate-S1
$ pfexec reboot

(You can also use regular 'pfexec shutdown -y -g 0 -i 6' to immediately reboot)

2 - Remove all packages from external repositories (like sfe/sfe-encumbered but SFWpackages as well):

$ pkginfo | grep SFW
$ pfexec pkgrm SFW[packagenameFirst]
$ pfexec pkgrm SFW[packagenameLast]
$ pfexec pkg uninstall --be-name Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2 `pkg list -v | egrep sfe | cut -d" " -f1`

3 - Reboot to the new BE Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2:

$ pfexec beadm activate Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2
$ pfexec reboot

4 - Remove external IPS publishers in Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2:

$ pfexec pkg unset-publisher sfe
$ pfexec pkg unset-publisher sfe-encumbered

5 - Change publisher to hipster-2015 in Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2 and update into Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3:

$ pfexec pkg set-publisher -g -G
$ pfexec pkg refresh --full
$ pfexec pkg update -v --be-name Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3

6 - Reboot to hipster-2015 BE, named Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3:

$ pfexec beadm activate Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3
$ pfexec reboot

7 - Verify any leftovers:

$ pfexec pkg list |grep '0\.151\.1\.'

* list must be empty *

7 - Install incorporations

$ pfexec pkg install --no-backup-be userland-incorporation entire

The point of testing is not that you end up with running Hipster in production right now,  but to go toward updating renewing /dev update releases.
Please keep your Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3 BE so you can continue to test updating hipster-2015 toward final new update for /dev.

Following part is optional and not needed in /dev update testing per se but you can try it to test updating from /hipster-2015 to /hipster, 
creating new BE and rebooting into it:

$ pfexec beadm create Openindiana-hipster-1
$ pfexec beadm activate Openindiana-hipster-1
$ pfexec reboot

Optional changing publisher to /hipste for a new BE:

$ pfexec pkg set-publisher -g -G

Update to latest Hipster

$ pfexec pkg update 
$ pfexec reboot

After testing, you can clean transisioning BE's
# beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S1
# beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2
You could also keep your Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3 BE (or rename it ot Openindiana-hipster-2015), so you can continue to test updating hipster-2015 toward final new update for /dev
Optionally you can also destroy it after testing:
# beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2

To communicate testing results, use #openindiana IRC channel on, openindiana-discuss Openindiana mailing list and Openindiana issues bug database.

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