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Welcome to Intel DRM/KMS Extreme Graphics!

The xorg-video-intel package is the open-source 2D graphics driver for the X Window System as implemented by It supports a variety of Intel graphics chipsets including:

  •     i810/i810e/i810-dc100,i815,
  •     i830M,845G,852GM,855GM,865G,
  •     915G/GM,945G/GM/GME,946GZ
  •     G/GM/GME/Q965,
  •     G/Q33,G/Q35,G41,G/Q43,G/GM/Q45
  •     PineView-M (Atom N400 series)
  •     PineView-D (Atom D400/D500 series)
  •     Intel HD Graphics: 2000-6000,
  •     Intel Iris Graphics: 5100/6100, and
  •     Intel Iris Pro Graphics: 5200/6200/P6300.

Open source kernel driver(s) by Oracle:

Relevant kernel code is located in drm and i915 subfolders.

Martin Bochnig, creator of OpenSXCE, has backported the S12 driver to illumos, links to debug kernel binaries in this email (mirrored as attachments to this page):


01.) cd /tmp
02.) wget
03.) su -
04.) beadm create MyNewBE
05.) beadm activate MyNewBE
06.) beadm mount MyNewBE /a
07.) cd /a
08.) bzcat /tmp/proto__root_i386.tar.bz2|tar xvf -
09.) This README assumes that the old /kernel/drv/amd64/i915 was already add_drv'ed before,
     if not, `add_drv -R /a i915` now
10.) Then make a reconf reboot and you should end up in a Intel-KMS-DRM-GEM Gnome session!
    Don't forget to also remove or rename /a/etc/X11/xorg.conf (or replace "vesa" with "intel" in the device section)
11.) mv /dev/dri /dev/dri__OLD
12.) touch /a/reconfigure
13.) bootadm update-archive -R /a -v
14.) reboot -p -- -r




Alan Coopersmith pointed to the following documents regarding DRI/KMS: 

Additionally, information about driver development:

Known Issues




Custom Test SystemIntel Iris Pro Graphics P6300Working, Tested at 1920x1080 (Intel Xeon E3-1285V4 w/Supermicro X10SLH-F motherboard)
Custom Test SystemIntel Iris Pro Graphics 580Working (PCI-ID: 8086:193b), Tested at 1920x1080. (Intel Core i7-6785R, BGA1364 socket)
Dell Latitude D620Intel 945GM GraphicsTested at 1280x800 resolution (crashes, seems problematic in NVIDIA Optimus configurations)
Dell Precision M2800Intel HD Graphics 4600Working, Tested at 1920x1080
HP ZBook Studio G3Intel HD Graphics 530crashes, system has both discrete graphics and Intel graphics
ThinkCentre M91pIntel HD Graphics 2000Working, tested from 1024x768 to 1920x1080, occasional glitches within the last 16pixels of the screen, crashes under heavy load.
Thinkpad T430Intel HD Graphics 4000OI-Hipster 2016.04.21, glxgears @470FPS (direct rendering), 2D works fine (UXA, no crashing), 3D Visual Effects - no hw-accelerated 3D
ThinkPad X230Intel HD Graphics 4000Only basic testing, 1366x768.
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