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Building slim_source ips packages

Build Environment

We would always recommend building in a Zone. To build slim_source as per the instructions below, please make sure you are running oi_151. You will also need to make sure you have Sun Studio installed, please see Setting up the recommended build environment for information on getting both Sun Studio versions.

Get slim_source source:

export BUILD_ID=oi_151a
export SNV=151

hg clone
cd slim_source
hg update $BUILD_ID

Install required IPS packages:

sudo pkg install archiver/gnu-tar \
developer/build/onbld \
developer/object-file \
developer/swig \
developer/versioning/mercurial \
gnome/config/gconf \
install/beadm \
library/desktop/gtk2 \
library/desktop/libglade \
library/glib2 \
library/gnome/gnome-libs \
package/svr4 \
service/network/smtp/sendmail \
system/boot/wanboot/internal \
system/library/install \
system/library/install/libinstzones \
system/library/libdiskmgt/header-libdiskmgt \
system/library/storage/ima/header-ima \
system/zones/internal \
text/gnu-gettext \
text/gnu-grep \

Prepare the build script:

cd usr/src
cp tools/env/ .
gsed -i 's%export CODEMGR_WS=.*%export CODEMGR_WS="`hg root`"%g'
echo 'export CW_NO_SHADOW=1' >>
echo "export INSTALL_BUILDNUM=$SNV" >>
echo 'export NIGHTLY_OPTIONS="-ANndlmp +t"' >>
echo 'export SPRO_ROOT=/opt/sunstudio12.1' >>

Start the build:


Once the build is complete, you can check the logs in ../../log/*

If the build was successful, the end result are two repos: under the base slim_source directory: packages/i386/nightly-nd/repo.extra and packages/i386/nightly-nd/repo.redist

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