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The SFW consolidation is a collection of open source software for Solaris. It's quite a wide collection of software and an up to date list of what's included can be found here. The build environment used was a Zone running oi_153 on a Sun T5240 (exact spec to follow).

Preparing the build environment

Download Sun Studio 12 Update 1 (required for SFW/ON builds 153+) from here and Sun Studio 12 from here. You can also install Sun Studio 12 Update 1 from IPS, which will cover some of the package dependencies required for building SFW.


Make sure you have your local perl binary (/usr/bin/perl) linked to /usr/perl5/5.10.0/bin/perl, and the /usr/perl5/bin and /usr/perl5/pod links pointing to the 5.10.0 subtree.

Install Sun Studio

Install the prerequisites. (NOTE: system/header/header-agp is not available on sparc)

Preparing and running the build

Login as the user you intend to use as the build user. Create ~./hgrc and add the following

Next we need to clone the mercurial repository and apply any OpenIndiana specific patches.

Note: be aware that the URLs have changed. Look up the new ones here:

Check to make sure the patches have applied

Now we need to make some changes to the build script. Best to make a backup copy first!

Edit and change the following variables

Obviously the build user can be anything you like, and the build area can be anywhere you have permission to write to.

Execute the build by running the following,

What to expect

The build will take a while to complete. Make some coffee!

For the impatient your can follow the log file.

At the end of the build you will find a directory named after the date and time the build completed. Review the mail_msg file for build errors e.g.

  1. Mar 17, 2012

    Exciting; thanks for your efforts. Hope OI SPARC is out soon for my fleet of sparcs! Still hanging on to osol 0906...

    1. Apr 27, 2012

      Yes! Looking forward to OI SPARC!