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The OpenIndiana community hub consists of the following sub-pages, used to organize the targets and organizational changes.

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  1. Anonymous

    Some conclusions reached 2 months after installing OpenIndiana_151...

    OpenIndiana 151 is VERY "beta" and almost completely undocumented.

    Even though OpenIndiana's documentation consists entirely of references to Oracle's manuals, OI can't be depended on to behave like Solaris 10, 11E, or 11 with the same commands. Sometimes the most basic of tasks in OI becomes an involved Google effort followed by an IRC session where one may or may not be fortunate enough to encounter someone who knows about the 3 lines of undocumented code needed to follow Oracle's docs in a particular instance.

    OpenIndiana also has a tendency to brick some Intel nics, like the dual 82546GB on some Sun x86 motherboards.

    OI_151=an alpha re-release of a buggy beta Solaris 11-pre, built with a buggy compiler by a dev effort who knew what they were dealing with and decided to put their real effort into the S11-12 stable track sometime in the future when they are able to get their hands on it.

    If OI is still around in a couple years, it may be something for someone besides the most dedicated and skilled of beta testers, but as yet, it's a toy for tinkerers and a time waster for everyone else.

    1. Anonymous

      Hello everyone,

      The other day I was reading about Dennis Ritchie, then about UNIX/SOLARIS and OpenSOLARIS, and ended up at OpenIndiana. Funny where surfing the web can take one (smile)

      I've never heard of OpenIndiana. I'm very curious about non-M$ OS's for the "common man" (like I myself am). Would it be worth it to try out OpenIndiana - and actually getting a (more or less) working system - or would it really be a time waster? I "hate" wasting time, Microsoft Windows, anyone? (smile)

      _italic_Greetings from Café Europa,

    2. I've been using UNIX for almost 20 years and was a big proponent of OpenSolaris until I saw the "writing on the wall" from Oracle.  When OpenIndiana was announced I had tentative excitement that OpenSolaris would have a viable life post-Oracle.  It seems that being cautious and not overly optimistic was the correct choice since a stable version of OpenIndiana was to be released by the end of 2011, and 4 months into 2012 there hasn't been any indication of an imminent release.

      One may take the approach there are not many developers, but OpenBSD doesn't have a large number of developers and they manage to release a new version every 6 months.  If you look at their errata pages, they implement a large number of changes too.  They also are able to develop and integrate stable software, such as OpenSMTPD, into their releases.

      OpenIndiana unfortunately seems to have become an abandoned project.  Likely due to a greater vision that just wasn't able to materialize.

  2. I did just find there was a prestable1 release and they are planning a prestable2 release.  This just drives people away though.  The stable release was aimed to be end-of-year 2011 and 4 months later it is still pre-stable releases.

  3. Is OpenIndiana project dead?

    Should i consider using something else?


    1. OpenIndiana is very stable and there is development taking place.  However, since they don't update any changes it gives the impression it has met its EOL, which I will give some examples:

      There is a "Security" page, however, since that page was created it has never had any markups.  Unlike the FreeBSD and NetBSD communities who post security related bugs on their home pages so users can update as necessary, this doesn't take place for OpenIndiana.

      151_a7 was released on 6 Oct 2012 and when the next release will be committed is anybody's guess.  It may be 6 months from Oct which would be this month, or it could be 8 or 9 or even 12 months.  Nobody knows.

      There was at one time a production release that was going to be produced, yet it is now just vaporware.

      The OpenIndiana Project Leader resigned in August 2011 or August 2012 and as far as I am aware has never been replaced.

      There used to be 6 mirrors for OI and now there are only 3.

      The features of OpenIndiana are without a doubt unrivaled:  ZFS and beadm (default install); Crossbow; s/w virtualization (Zones); DTrace - to name a few. 

      One can argue that ZFS is in FreeBSD, which it is, but not a default install.  Someone has created a beadm script on FreeBSD, but again, that is a port.  Crossbow is what VIMAGE in FreeBSD was supposed to intimate, but I'm not sure where that project is on FreeBSD anymore.  FreeBSD does have Jails, which Solaris Zones were based on, but Zones are the premier technology.

      I don't believe OI has a community that does fundraising like NetBSD and FreeBSD.  As a comparison, NetBSD last year raised just over $30,000 while FreeBSD raised around $500,000.  FreeBSD's goal this year is $1 million.

      NetBSD doesn't raise the funds FreeBSD does and is successful and has an active development community.  But I don't think OI can even boast developers or income that NetBSD has.

      I've used Solaris in my job for a decade and I think it is unrivaled (except by AIX) for the enterprise.  It was a blow for Solaris when Sun Microsystems ceased to exist and was acquired by Sun.  There is on forum that I used to regularly monitor and answer Solaris questions, but since the Oracle purchase there hasn't been any activity since Nov 2012.  That is a sign to me that customers are leaving Solaris.

      To be fair, I am moving my commercial websites and mail servers from OpenBSD to either OpenIndiana, NetBSD or FreeBSD.  Which has yet to be determined.  Negative factors for OI are listed above, while my knowledge of Solaris and the ease of use and stability are positive factors.  NetBSD has Xen and FreeBSD has a new hypervisor BHyVe that I'm looking into.

      I wish OpenIndiana the best.

      1. I meant to mention that OminOS is a viable alternative to OpenIndiana if you want a full OS (unlike SmartOS).  OminOS is developed by OmniTI and has a current toolset and is actively maintained, with a -current release 20130208.

  4. If OpenIndiana is to reorganize and set new goals, then IMHO the first should be to focus entirely as a server platform and ditch any desktop dreams.  Solaris' was always a server OS and that is where the strength of OI should also live.

    A second idea is to create an OpenIndiana Foundation that can generate marketing for the product and receive donations from individuals and corporations, in the same manner as FreeBSD and NetBSD.  Merchandise can and should also be designed, created and sold to create enthusiasm for OI and get it "out there."

    Just a couple of quick thoughts.

  5. Dear All,

    OI151a8: Adobe Flash Player crash in 32 bit as well as 64 bit update. I have installed flash player 11.1 for solaris.

    OI151a7: Adobe flash player is working fine.


    Has any one found any solution to this problem??


  6. OI151a8: network-admin command in root fails: Error: core dumped Segmentation Fault

    System gone slow

    Can some one write the description of each service as a Openindiana document?

    1. 151a8?  I assume you are referring to the new 'hipster' repo.  If so, then sign-up to the oi-dev@ mailing list and ask the maintainer of hipster about the problem and see if he or anyone else has had this problem and can provide a solution.

  7. ASUS CROSSHAIR MB with 16GB Mem and a FX CPU.

    Three disks are: 2 off 500BG seagate in Raid1

                            1 off 1Tb one swop of 2GB and 200GB for unix only

                             2Tb dito as per above in the 1tb disk


    Just tryed to install 151a7 and a8 into an ASUS XP-Raid-1, alas not joy, so I tryed out side of the Raid, also no joy, and removed the two raid power leads and retryed : also no joy.

    One point I noted was they never ask for Raid Drivers during the install.

    Thanks in advance, Hoppie