Release Date: Feb 13th 2012

Next release with small changes, there were a couple of things that got put back to prestable2 as I didn't want too long between releases.

Changes for prestable1 are:

A note on bug #2002 - please don't file these, I've said illumos will get bumped each release and asking for it isn't necessary, thanks.

Would be good to get feedback/testing on the version bumps please. Mailing lists are prefered but I will read the comments here (even if I don't get round to replying here).

This release sees the prestable releases merged into the /dev repo after feedback suggested this was both wanted and needed for proper wider testing.

This means the release is now available from, and for download as both complete and incremental (apply to prestable0) repos from

Some points in response to feedback:

I've ignored feedback on the requests for process explanations to say it here. The wiki currently isn't in great shape and if anyone wants to help make it better please get in touch on the mailing lists or in the IRC channels so we can turn some of the good information provided by various "Anonymous"s into some decent docs by names who can be given credit. The alternative is to just wait until someone finds some of those illusive tuits!