This page moved here from the oi-docs website. It contains a brief overview of the OpenSolaris re-distributable books and speaks about some of the challenges of modernizing them, etc.

The OpenSolaris Redistributable Books

The 2009.09.15 docs drop consists of 41 books organized into several different collections. Obviously maintaining 41 different titles is no easy matter. Therefore, the number one thing we can do to improve the books is to consolidate them into a more manageable set of fewer volumes. In reviewing these books, there looks to be some crossover between titles. For example, it might be possible to merge the Solaris Express collection into the Systems Administration collection, etc.

Current Situation

The source code used for the redistributable books is Solbook XML 3.5 (and in some cases Solbook XML 3.6).

Its unclear whether the books found in the 2009.09.15 drop are inclusive of all the 2008.11 books.

Challenges for working with the OpenSolaris Books

Solbook XML is difficult to work with.

The OpenSolaris books are full of broken links.

There are additional challenges.

Future Direction

We should consider converting the OpenSolaris books to some kind of simple and easy to read text based markup (e.g. ASCIIDOC, Restructured Text, Markdown, etc.).

We need to create a fully automated toolchain with the following features:

Another consideration is printing.

We need to eat our own dog food.

What are Other Projects Doing?

In a nutshell, the trend is a move away from CMS systems.




Book Titles - 2009.09.15 OpenSolaris Docs Consolidation

NOTE Some of these titles may have newer versions than what shipped as part of this consolidation. The OpenSolaris project had a development directory which contained a handful of the titles. For more information, see:

We have the XML source for these books.

Book Titles - OpenSolaris 2008.11 Docs Consolidation

We do not have the xml source code, nor the HTML for these books. Further information can be found on (wayback machine).

A full list of the 2008.11 books with separate links to each directory:

Other OpenSolaris Books