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Current /hipster repository is:

You can set it using command:

pkg set-publisher -O --search-first


2016-10-28 Distribution constructor now adds extra loader menu options for live images. Manifests, used to generate live images, should be updated. Details are available here:

2016-10-28 OpenOffice was dropped. Details are available here:

2016-10-20 Thunderbird is updated to 45.3.0

2016-10-05 Python 2.6 is removed

2016-09-29 PHP 5.4 and 5.5 were removed as they have reached EOL

2016-09-28 Loader is shipped and enabled by default. See .

2016-09-22 CUPS is updated to 1.7.5

2016-09-16 Mesa is updated to 12.0.3

2016-09-12 MongoDB 3.3 is added

2016-09-06 GCC 5.4 is available as optional compiler.

2016-08-29 Intel KMS port was integrated. People, building their own illumos-gate version, shouldn't be affected, as userland drm version is not restricted by any incorporation. If they care to run fresh drm on illumos-gate build, they can request removing incorporate dependency on drm from illumos-gate.

2016-08-23 SunSSH was removed. On update you should transparently receive openssh packages. They are called network/ssh (client) and service/network/ssh (server) now.

2016-08-18 sendmail is updated to 8.15.2

2016-08-17 clang 3.8 is added

2016-08-16 inkscape is updated to 0.91

2016-08-16 new meta-packages for creating install images are available: pkg:/mate_install and pkg:/minimal_install

2016-08-16 lightdm 1.19.3 and lightdm-gtk-greeter are added

2016-08-10 GCC 4.9 is updated to 4.9.4

2016-08-04 arm for monitoring Tor relays is added to oi-userland

2016-08-04 tor is updated to

2016-08-04 yelp is updated to 3.20.1

2016-07-19 iso-codes are updated to 3.68

2016-07-19 OpenJDK 8 1.8.92 is added

2016-07-16 IPython is updated to 5.0.0.

2016-07-17 libssh2 is updated to 1.7.0

2016-07-17 GNU Make is updated to 4.2.1

2016-07-08 Python 2.7 is default python version now. All software use it by default besides illumos-gate packages, which still need Python 2.6.

2016-07-05 distro_const now generates full usb images. 1G/2G.header files are no longer required, just copy image to usb stick with dd.

2016-06-16 samba is updated to new major version 4.4.4.

2016-05-31 ImageMagick was updated to ABI-incompatible version

2016-05-29 gd2 was updated to new major release (version 2.1.1). Old binary for gd2 2.0.35 is still delivered.

2016-05-14 libpng 1.6 is the default libpng now. Older versions are preserved.

2016-05-07 libtasn1 was upated to ABI-incompatible version 4.8. The only consumer in OI repositories is gnutls, which was rebuilt and updated to ABI-compatible version 2.12.23.

2016-04-16 libnotify is updated to ABI-incompatible 0.7.6 version. All dependencies are fixed to build against it.

2016-04-16 fuse driver and libfuse 2.7.6 are integrated

2016-04-13 samba is updated to 4.2.11. samba36 is removed. vfs_solarisacl module is compiled as static module now

2016-03-25 libusb-1.0 is added, libmtp is switched from libusb to libusb-1.0

2016-03-22 GDB is updated to 7.10.1

2016-03-21 Borg backup tool is added

2016-03-16 Thunderbird is updated to 38.6.0

2016-03-03 bash is updated to 4.3.42

2016-03-03 openssl-fips package was removed

2016-03-02 DNSCrypt-proxy 1.6.1 was added

2016-02-22 Openproj was removed

2016-02-22 Hunspell / Myspell dictionaries were updated. Dictionaries for af_ZA, bg_BG, ca_ES, da_DK, el_GR, en_ZA, eo_l3, et_EE, fa_IR, fo_FO, ga_IE, gd_GB, gl_ES, gv_IE, he_IL, hr_HR, hy_AM, ku_TR, lt_LT, lv_LV, nb_NO, nl_NL, nn_NO, nr_ZA, ns_ZA, pt_PT, ro_RO, sk_SK, sl_SI, ss_ZA, st_ZA, th_TH, tn_ZA, ts_ZA languages were removed.

2016-02-17 libical is updated to binary incompatible version 1.0 . All dependent software should be rebuilt.

2016-02-11 Bind DNS server (network/dns/server:default) runs as "named" user now. Check that all necessary files are accessible to named.

2016-01-30 Firefox is updated to 44.0

2016-01-26 userland-incorporation is now removable. If you have to uninstall it  (for example, on test PC), do "pkg change-facet facet.require.consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation=false &&  pkg uninstall userland-incorporation"

2016-01-26 EsounD was removed (superseeded by pulseaudio)

2016-01-22 PostgreSQL 9.5 is added

2015-12-31 vlc 2.2.1 is added to /hipster-encumbered

2015-12-31 ffmpeg is updated to 2.8.4

2015-12-22 sysidtool and other packages from admin consolidation were removed. service/management/sysidtool was replaced by service/management/sysding . Text installer now can use sysding to configure network on the host.

2015-12-04 GTK 3 version 3.14.15 was added. GTK 2 is still the main GTK version.

2015-11-29 Firefox is updated to 43.0b7 (based on the work of Martin Boching).

2015-11-19 OpenSSH 7.1 was added. To change ssh implementation update to the latest OI version and install network/openssh package.

2015-11-13 gcc-49 was added. It's the default oi-userland compiler now. gcc-47 and clang-3.3 are removed.

2015-11-13 erlang was updated to 17.5

2015-11-09 automake 1.15 was added. It is the default automake now.

2015-11-05 Apache 2.4 now ships mod_http2 to suport HTTP/2 connections.

2015-11-03 OpenSSL was updated to 1.0.2d. It should be mostly ABI-compatible to 1.0.1. One notable exception is SSH. It checks that it runs against the version it was compiled. So, you have to update to latest illumos-gate bits or all ssh clients and servers will be broken (pkg update will take care for you if you don't use self-compiled illumos-gate, in case you do, you should recompile it). Note that if you have updated OpenSSL and old ssh bits, default gnome login will fail as it calls ssh-agent.

2015-11-02 php 5.6 is added

2015-10-28 nlipkg zone brand introduced. This brand behaves like old ipkg brand and allows creation of non-linked images. Usage instructions are here -

2015-10-27 updates from /dev to /hipster-2015 now can be possible (look at verbose instructions here -

2015-10-04 entire now depends on userland consolidation, which locks all packages to latest versions.

2015-10-04 visual panels were dropped

2015-09-28 nvidia proprietary driver was updated to 340.93

2015-09-27 Xorg server was updated to 1.14.7. Several video drivers were updated. If you use third-party video drivers, they probably should be updated. Nvidia, radeon and vesa video drivers were tested. VirtualBox driver from 5.0.4 guest additions should also work.

2015-09-12 All popular gstreamer plugins are available from /hipster-encumbered. If you earlier used /sfe or /sfe-encumbered for multimedia software, you are advised to switch to /hipster-encumbered.

2015-09-11 fftw-3 is updated to binary incompatible version 3.3.4 . All dependent software should be rebuilt.

2015-08-25 lcms2 is integrated. All packages depending on lcms are switched to lcms2 dependency. Lcms is deprecated and can be removed after next snapshot. New packages shouldn't depend on it. Gqview was replaced by geeqie as gqview didn't support lcms2.

2015-08-24 imagemagick is updated to binary-incompatible version All dependent software should be rebuilt.

2015-08-23 Text installer now creates additional ZFS filesystem in new boot environment for /var

2015-08-20 Samba is updated to 4.1.19. Old one is preserved as service/network/samba/samba36

2015-07-28 Perl 5.22 is integrated. Perl 5.10 is removed. This means you'll have to set PERL_VERSION="5.22" and PERL_PKGVERS="-522" in your to build illumos-gate. Also MySQL 5.1 and Apache 1.3 were removed. Detail message is available in oi-dev ML:

2015-07-27 compiz and related tools and libraries are updated to 0.8.10

2015-07-26 inkscape 0.48.5 is added

2015-07-22 freetype is updated to 2.5.5

2015-07-16 libXft is updated to 2.3.2, xfs - to 1.1.4

2015-07-14 mozilla-nss is updated to 3.19.2, mozilla-nspr - to 4.10.8

2015-07-11 Yasm is updated to 1.3.0

2015-06-26 GCC-48 is updated to 4.8.5

2015-06-23 Valgrind 3.11 was added

2015-06-22 Boost is updated to 1.58.0, MPI is enabled, 64-bit libraries are added

2015-06-12 Gimp was updated to 2.8.14. Gegl updated to binary incompatible version 0.2.0.

2015-06-06 Distribution constructor was modified to use Python 2.7.

2015-06-06 IPS was updated.

2015-05-30 icu is updated to binary incompatible version 55.1. All dependent packages should be rebuilt.

2015-05-29 pulseaudio is integrated. gnome-volume-applet is removed. To use pulseaudio with gstreamer, launch gstreamer-properties and ensure that default output is set to "Autodetect" or "PulseAudio Sound Server". On audio output "pactl list sinks" should show /dev/dsp sink as "RUNNING".

2015-05-07 OpenJDK is updated to 1.7.76, icedtea-web - to 1.5.2. Oracle JDK is removed. OpenJDK is default (and single) JDK now.

2015-05-05 squid was updated to 3.5.4. Configs are incompatible. Be sure to remove manager, localhost, to_localhost acl definitions from your config files.

2015-04-02 libtiff was updated to 4.0.3. All dependent applications should be rebuilt.

2015-03-29 cairo was updated to 1.14.2, pango - to 1.36.8. We recommend to rebuild all dependent applications.

2015-03-25 poppler was updated to binary incompatible 0.32 version. All dependent applications should be rebuilt.

2015-03-23 glib2 was updated to 2.43.4. If you build glib2-dependent applications, you can expect failures as more functions were marked as deprecated.

2015-03-15 json-c updated to binary incompatible 0.12 version. All dependent applications should be rebuilt

2015-03-11 libid3tag was imported from SFE, so if you use sfe repository, set it to non-sticky, so that library from OI repository could be installed

2015-03-09 Trusted desktop packages removed

2015-03-06 Mesa updated to 10.5.0-rc3

2015-02-26 binutils updated to 2.25

2015-02-17 xorg-video-intel X device driver was updated to 2.99.917. It seems kernel driver don't implement some ioctls. Intel driver is useless. Use vesa for now....  Or do ' pkg freeze consolidation/X/X-incorporation ' and ' pkg freeze x11/server/xorg/driver/xorg-video-intel ', BEFORE updating to hipster-2015, (e.g. while in hipster 2014.1 or 20141010, to retain older X and intel driver in working state.

2015-02-15 Xorg server was updated to 1.12.4. All X device drivers updated. All 32-bit-only X device drivers removed. All VirtualBox users have to update their guest additions to at least 4.3.22 version.

2015-02-13 X video drivers xorg-video-ast, xorg-video-mach64, xorg-video-mga, xorg-video-openchrome, xorg-video-r128, xorg-video-savage, xorg-video-vesa, xorg-video-vmware were updated

2015-02-13 nvidia proprietary driver was updated to 340.76

2015-02-07 xf86-video-ati driver updated to 6.4.16. However, without kernel DRI support for modern ATI video adapters, performance is modest.

2015-02-06 Mesa updated to 9.0.3

2015-02-05 PostgreSQL 8.4 removed

2015-02-05 Sun Studio indent in /usr/bin was replaced by GNU indent. Old one is preserved in /opt/sunstudio12.1/prod/bin/indent

2015-02-04 X11 util-macros was updated to 1.17.1, libX11 - to 1.6.2, xcb support in libX11 enabled

2015-02-03 X11 protocol headers were updated to fresh versions

2015-01-18 QT 4.8.6 is added.

2015-01-16 libdrm is updated to 2.4.58

2015-01-16 Ruby 2.2 is added. Ruby components sitll use ruby-19.

2015-01-10 curl is updated to 7.39.0

2015-01-07 mesa, xorg and X11 video drivers for intel and ati cards were rearranged to match natural package boundaries

2015-01-05 gnome-panel trusted extension patch and lockdown patch were removed during update to 2.32

2015-01-04 Nautilus trusted extension patch was removed during update to 2.32

2015-01-03 GTK is updated to 2.24

2014-12-19 PostgreSQL 9.4 is added. Prepare for removal of PostgreSQL 8.4 in a month.

2014-12-16 libncurses moved out of /usr/gnu to /usr

2014-12-15 nwam-manager updated to 1.151.0

2014-12-14 GNU Emacs updated to 24.3

2014-12-13 Python 3.4 updated to 3.4.2. It is compiled with pymalloc, so locations for includes, some libraries and binary modules changed

2014-12-04 tor updated to, rsyslog updated to 7.4.4

2014-12-02 Studio C++ libraries are no longer supported and are going to be removed. Current  versions of libraries are available here as tarballs:

2014-11-25 ruby-19 is the default Ruby version. All Ruby consumers are switched to Ruby 1.9. Ruby 1.8 is dropped.

2014-10-04 Apache OpenOffice is updated to 4.1.1

2014-09-30 sic_team consolidation was moved from oi-build to oi-userland

2014-08-28 ftp daemon (earlier provided by illumos-gate wu-ftpd) is replaced by proftpd. Service network/ftp is renamed to service/proftpd. Now ftp daemon is running in standalone mode (previously it was inetd-managed service).

2014-08-12 gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-link packages are obsolete now.

2014-08-04 System perl (/usr/perl5/bin/perl) now links to perl-516. Perl 5.16 was recompiled without -Dperl_static_inline="static" flag, which can affect perl ABI. Most of the Perl 5.10 modules were marked obsolete. Detail message is available in oi-dev ML:

2014-08-01 OpenOffice 4.1.0 is available

2014-07-29 GDB is updated to 7.6

2014-07-19 Firefox is updated to 24.6.0 ESR

2014-07-18 Webkit was added to oi-userland. Devhelp and yelp were switched to webkit.

2014-07-04 OpenJDK is updated to 1.7.60

2014-07-04 GCC 4.8.3 is a default userland compiler now

2014-06-27 GCC is updated to 4.7.4.

2014-06-16 OpenIndiana /hipster repository was moved to

2014-06-16 OpenSSL (library/security/openssl) is updated to 1.0.1h. Compatiblity bits are provided in the same package.

2014-06-04 Updated to Python 2.7.6

2014-05-08 Webmin is removed (no maintainer, removed upstream)

2014-04-17 OpenSSL (library/security/openssl) is updated to 1.0.1g. Compatiblity bits are provided in the same package.

2014-04-12 Remove LP-related desktop components (gnome-print, gnome-print-papi). ghex is also removed (it depends on them, removed upstream). 

2014-03-18 gstreamer was rebuilt. gstreamer/plugin/base and gstreamer/plugin/good are separate packages now

2014-03-12 slim_source was rebuilt with GCC

2014-02-27 oi-userland was switched to use new versioning scheme. If you build software, please ensure to test it with set environment variables COMPONENT_BUILD_ARGS=-j4 and USERLAND_ARCHIVES

2014-01-31 gnome-libs are separated in several packages. text/rarian files moved from /usr to /usr/g++. For compatibility symbolic links in /usr/bin were created to point to corresponding programs in /usr/g++. The library itself is no longer compatible, as it is rebuilt with g++.

2014-01-28 rapper binary from library/raptor was renamed to rapper-1 to avoid conflict with library/raptor2 package.

2014-01-16 Python 2.4 is deprecated

2014-01-15 Thunderbird is updated to 24.2.0

2014-01-08 Firefox is updated to 17.0.6 ESR, OpenJDK 1.7.45 and icedtea-web 6ec72d653144 are used as java browser plugin.

2013-12-10 IPS was updated. IPS GUI - package-manager and update-manager - was removed. If you hosted local IPS servers you have to recreate services, which supported these servers.  Procedure is the same (and described, for example, here ) , but old services just don't work after update.

2013-11-14 PostgreSQL 8.2 and 8.3 packages removed (replaced by PostgreSQL 9.3, which is now a default PostgreSQL version)
2013-10-11 PHP 5.2 removed (replaced by PHP 5.4)
2013-08-20 MariaDB 5.5 is used as default MySQL provider

2013-07-20 Perl was updated to 5.16 

Update instructions:

    1. To install new perl-516 firstly update perl-510. Old perl-510 ships hardlinks. It was updated to install mediated links. Note, it is just old repackaged perl 5.10.0 from /dev compiled with Sun Studio, only manifest was patched to deliver mediated links. Perl 5.10 is still used while compiling illumos-gate.
    2. If you just update old library/perl-5/database and other modules you'll receive new packages, which are just meta-packages, new packages will likely pull library/perl-5/*-516 packages and you'll stay without old modules, so remember to install corresponding library/perl-5/*-5100 packages after update (if someone is interested 5100 stands for perl 5.10.0).