Hipster 2017.10 is here

We are glad to announce that Hipster 2017.10 snapshot is available.

ImageChecksumChecksum GPG-signed
OI-hipster-gui-20171030.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-gui-20171030.usb [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20171030.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20171030.usb [SHA256][SHA256.asc]
OI-hipster-minimal-20171030.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-minimal-20171030.usb [SHA256][SHA256.asc]

Mirror list: https://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Mirrors 

General system changes

Xorg was updated to 1.19.5 (Note, that if you run OI as VirtualBox guest, you should switch to vesa driver, as latest VirtualBox guest additions (currently 5.1.30 or 5.2.0) don't provide Solaris xorg drivers for Xorg 1.19). An issue causing Xorg being launched as root was fixed.

Mate was updated to 1.18 version.

IIIM (Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework) is not delivered by default (IBus is shipped instead) and will be removed soon. Installer was reworked to configure XKB for switching keyboard layouts in Mate. US layout is always the default one. Additional layout is selected based on chosen language.

Text installer now can perform basic OpenIndiana installation to existing ZFS pool (for example, in parallel to existing OpenIndiana installation). The option is considered advanced and should be used with care, but allows you to install minimal OI system to existing pool. To use it, press F3 on 'Welcome' screen.

Cluster suite was updated.

We've worked with MongoDB developers to fix several issues in MongoDB 3.4 component. The possibility of running MongoDB OI buildbot is being investigated.

We've started to remove Gnome 2 components and libraries, be warned, if (by some strange reason) you still haven't switched to Mate.

ABI compatibility for Solaris 10u10 binaries was added.

Desktop software and libraries

Common tools and libraries

Development tools and libraries

Server software

A lot of other bug fixes and minor software updates included.

As always, we are proud to deliver to you latest illumos-gate bits.